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Best Alum Blocks: Gentleman Jon, Bloc Osma, RazoRock, Alum Block Aftershave (2024)

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best alum blockWondering if that stinging post-shave face could feel soothed? An alum block’s for you.

Just wet, glide it on gently, and feel it calm irritation. As it tightens pores and styps nicks, you’ll discover it’s the perfect finale to your close shave routine.

Affordable, portable, time-tested, this solid block of potassium alum helps master shave discomfort for good.

Key Takeaways

  • Gentleman Jon Alum Block and Bloc Osma Alum Block are popular varieties.
  • Alum blocks fight razor burn, prevent irritation, and act as a natural antiseptic.
  • Wet the block before application and gently glide it over freshly shaved skin.
  • Alum blocks have antiseptic, astringent, and coagulant effects, providing relief from shaving-related issues.

4 Best Alum Blocks for Post-Shave Care

When searching for the best alum blocks for post-shave care, consider the Gentleman Jon, Bloc Osma, RazoRock, and Alum Block Aftershave brands.

These top-rated blocks offer solutions for razor burns, cuts, controlling odors, and more, with convenient carrying cases, smoothed edges for sensitivity, and formulas catered towards specific skin types.

Take the time to evaluate which standout features matter most to your shaving routine when deciding amongst these highly rated alum blocks.

1. Gentleman Jon Alum Block

Gentleman Jon 3.7 Ounce AlumView On Amazon
You’ll love the Gentleman Jon Alum Block for its superior performance in fighting razor burn and providing smooth, soothed skin after shaving. This 3.7-ounce block made from 100% potassium alum works effectively to heal small cuts and tighten skin, acting as an alternative to a styptic pencil.

Its compact size makes it perfect for travel, and it comes with a convenient snap-closing plastic case.

  • Fights razor burn and bumpy skin
  • Stops bleeding and prevents irritation
  • Natural antiseptic and astringent properties
  • Durable plastic case for storage and travel
  • Smaller than some users expected
  • Mixed feedback on price value
  • Cases of cracked containers reported

2. Bloc Osma Alum Block

Bloc Osma Alum Block, 2.65View On Amazon
When using the Bloc Osma Alum Block, you’ll experience immediate soothing effects and a reduction in sensitivity during and after shaving. This natural, balm-like alum block made by Osma offers multiple post-shave benefits for all skin types.

It gently soothes razor burns and nicks while stopping minor bleeding. The product also minimizes ingrown hairs and aftershave acne. Customers highlight its effectiveness, compact size, and luxurious feel. Some downsides are potential shipment issues with shattered blocks or residue left on skin requiring washing off before further products.

  • Soothes cuts, burns, and sensitivity
  • Stops bleeding from small nicks
  • Minimizes ingrown hairs and acne
  • Potential shipment issues
  • May leave residue requiring rinsing

3. RazoRock Alum Stick After Shave

RazoRock Alum Stick - 60View On Amazon
For a highly effective and economical post-shave solution, try the RazoRock Alum Stick After Shave. Made from potassium alum mineral salts, it naturally soothes skin, closes pores to minimize irritation, and aids in stopping minor bleeding.

This fragrance-free, biodegradable stick also provides antibacterial protection and 24-hour odor control, making it suitable as a deodorant. With its well-constructed design and long-lasting formula, the RazoRock stick is a must-have for simplified, yet complete post-shave care.

  • Soothes and protects skin
  • Stops minor bleeding
  • Provides odor control
  • Economical and long-lasting
  • May cause dryness for some
  • Not as portable as a styptic pencil
  • Needs to be rinsed off thoroughly

4. Alum Block Aftershave Alum Rock

Alum Block, Soothing Aftershave AlumView On Amazon
The Alum Block Aftershave Alum Rock is one of the top choices for post-shave care. Made from natural potassium alum, this block offers a range of benefits for your skin.

It acts as a natural antiseptic and astringent, fighting razor burn and reducing inflammation. With its long-lasting size, it can be used daily for months before needing replacement. The block also stops bleeding from small cuts, tones the skin, and prevents further irritation.

However, some users have reported issues with the solidity and durability of the block.

  • Natural potassium alum composition
  • Acts as an antiseptic and astringent
  • Stops bleeding from small cuts
  • Tones the skin after shaving
  • Some users experienced issues with solidity/durability

What Exactly is an Alum Block?

What Exactly is an Alum Block
Now let’s delve into what exactly an alum block is and how it can enhance your post-shave routine.

Alum blocks have historical origins dating back to ancient Egypt, where they were used to treat wounds. Their chemical composition is that of potassium alum, a type of mineral salt that has astringent and antiseptic properties.

When applied to the skin post-shaving, alum blocks provide multiple benefits:

  • Tightening pores to prevent razor burn
  • Killing bacteria to prevent infection
  • Sealing nicks and cuts to stop bleeding
  • Soothe overall skin irritation

With their natural antiseptic effects, alum blocks make an excellent addition to aftershave routines by promoting healthy, irritation-free skin. Alternatives like witch hazel or alcohol-based products may serve similar functions but lack the historical pedigree of alum.

How to Use an Alum Block

How to Use an Alum Block
To use an alum block, wet the block and gently rub it onto your freshly shaved face and neck. This allows the alum to soothe razor burn, close pores, and stop minor bleeding from nicks or cuts.

  1. Experiment with using it on other shaved body parts. The astringent properties can help soothe just about anywhere.
  2. Reduce application time if you have sensitive skin. Thirty seconds may be enough to get the benefits without irritation.
  3. Some use alum blocks as a natural deodorant. It kills odor-causing bacteria for all-day freshness.
  4. Brands, size, shape, and mineral content all impact the user experience. It may take testing a few to find your perfect match.

Proper use can make an alum block last 6 months or more, allowing it to become a post-shave staple.

How Does an Alum Block Work?

How Does an Alum Block Work
Frequently, you’re rinsing it off after 15-20 seconds of application. So, how does an alum block actually work? Here are four key ways:

  1. Antiseptic properties: Alum blocks have natural antiseptic qualities that help disinfect the skin and prevent infections from nicks or cuts caused by shaving.
  2. Skin tightening: The astringent qualities of alum blocks help tighten the skin, reducing pore size and giving a smoother appearance to the face.
  3. Coagulant effects: When applied to small cuts or razor burns, alum blocks act as coagulants, helping to stop bleeding quickly and efficiently.
  4. Post-shave benefits: Using an alum block post-shave provides multiple benefits such as preventing razor burn, soothing irritated skin, reducing redness and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Overall ,alum blocks offer excellent post-shave care with their antiseptic properties,stopping bleeding effectively through coagulant effects,tightening the skin,and providing relief from shaving-related issues like razor burn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are alum blocks suitable for all skin types?

Alum blocks are suitable for all skin types. They provide natural antiseptic and astringent properties, soothing razor burns and cuts while reducing sensitivity during and after shaving.

Can alum blocks be used as a deodorant?

Alum blocks can serve as natural deodorants. Their astringent properties create a hostile environment for bacteria that cause body odor.

Simply wet the block and apply it to clean underarms after showering. Allow to dry before dressing.

Used routinely, alum blocks provide odor protection.

How long does an alum block typically last with regular use?

An alum block can typically last up to 2 years with regular daily use if handled properly:

  • Store it dry between uses
  • Don’t drop it
  • Use light pressure when applying
  • Limit direct water exposure

Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with using alum blocks?

When it comes to potential side effects or risks associated with using alum blocks, you’ll be glad to know that they’re generally considered safe.

Can alum blocks be used as a treatment for acne or other skin conditions?

Yes, you can use alum blocks to treat acne.

The astringent and antiseptic properties help dry out blemishes and kill bacteria.

Results vary based on skin type and severity of acne.

Test a small area first.


To achieve a soothing and irritation-free post-shave experience, look no further than the best alum blocks on the market.

Gentleman Jon, Bloc Osma, RazoRock, and Alum Block Aftershave offer effective solutions for calming irritation and tightening pores.

These affordable and portable blocks of potassium alum have stood the test of time, providing a perfect finale to your close shave routine.

Incorporating an alum block into your post-shave care routine will ensure a comfortable and refreshing experience every time.

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