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Why Pintura Highlights Are Perfect for Curly Hai Full Guide of 2024

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why pintura highlights are perfect for curly hairImagine finally finding the perfect hair color technique that enhances your beautiful curls without causing damage or harsh lines.

This revolutionary method uses ribbons of color strategically painted on your curls for a natural-looking and dimensional effect. Say goodbye to traditional foil highlights and embrace the power of Pintura for vibrant, healthy, and defined curls like never before.

Get ready to master the art of stunning curly hair with Pintura highlights!

Key Takeaways

  • Less demarcation
  • Natural-looking grow-out
  • Better color matching to individual curls
  • Greater control and placement of colo

The Benefits of Pintura Highlights for Curly Hair

The Benefits of Pintura Highlights for Curly Hair
Pintura highlights offer several benefits for curly hair.

Firstly, they leave less demarcation compared to foil highlights, resulting in a more seamless and natural-looking grow-out.

Additionally, the technique allows for better color matching to individual curls, enhancing their unique characteristics.

Moreover, pintura highlights provide greater control and placement of color on the curls while adding dimension and a pop of color that beautifully complements the overall look.

Less Demarcation Compared to Foil Highlights

Are you tired of noticeable lines and harsh contrasts in your hair color? With Pintura highlights, achieve a more seamless and natural look for your curly hair.

The technique creates less demarcation compared to foil highlights, resulting in a more natural appearance that’s easier to maintain.

Natural-looking Grow-out

Your curls will showcase a lovely mixture of highlighted and natural color as the grow-out blends seamlessly for a timeless, sun-kissed look with:

  • Less brassiness
  • More dimension
  • Brighter highlights
  • A seamless blend

Better Color Matching to Individual Curls

When matching highlights to individual curls, you’re able to achieve a more natural, customized look. Pintura highlights allow stylists to better match the color to each curl’s unique pattern, adding dimension and movement that looks amazing.

Benefits of Better Color Matching:

  • Natural-looking Highlights
  • Customized Color
  • Dimension and Movement

Greater Control and Placement of Color

With Pintura highlights, you have even greater control and precision in placing the color on your curls. This technique allows for a natural-looking, sun-kissed look that enhances and brightens your highlights.

It also offers less maintenance and longer lasting results while being customizable to personalize the look to suit each individual curl.

Added Dimension and Pop of Color on Curls

The custom placement lets you add serious dimension and vibrant pops of color directly on the curls.

When highlights blend seamlessly with curls, movement emerges to reveal added depth and enhanced curl definition for a sunkissed look.

How to Maintain Pintura-Treated Hair

How to Maintain Pintura-Treated Hair
To maintain your Pintura-treated hair, it’s important to:

  • Avoid sulfates and parabens in your hair care products as these can strip the color.
  • Use a moisturizing mask once a week to help keep your curls hydrated and healthy.
  • Be cautious of styling products with color as they may transfer onto coarser hair.
  • Protect your hair from excessive heat and sun exposure to preserve the vibrancy of your highlights.

Avoid Sulfates and Parabens in Hair Care Products

To maintain the longevity and vibrancy of your Pintura highlights, avoid sulfates and parabens in hair care products.

These harsh chemicals can strip color, damage hair, and leave it dry.

Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on your curls to keep them looking their best.

Use a Moisturizing Mask Once a Week

Applying a moisturizing mask once a week keeps Pintura-treated hair properly hydrated and vibrant.

Use a mask to infuse moisture into your hair and scalp, protecting the color, preventing fading, and building up shine.

Look for formulas with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil to deeply condition.

Avoid Styling Products With Color to Prevent Transfer

After treating your hair, avoid any styling products with color because they could transfer over to the lighter pieces.

To maintain your Pintura-treated hair, remember to:

  • Avoid tinted dry shampoos
  • Avoid hairsprays that contain color
  • Steer clear of styling creams with added pigments

Protect Hair From Excessive Heat and Sun Exposure

Any significant heat and UV exposure’ll quickly fade your new Pintura highlights, so you’d better guard your curled locks against blow dryers, flat irons, and prolonged sun exposure if you want to protect that vibrant look.

Use a heat protectant, wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight, limit styling tools, and wash hair with cool water.

Tips for Stylists Performing Pintura Highlights

Tips for Stylists Performing Pintura Highlights
As a stylist performing Pintura highlights, there are several key tips to keep in mind.

First, use tissues to separate each curl grouping and prevent bleeding of the color.

Second, make sure to paint the color right to the root for softening as it grows out, providing longevity for your clients’ color.

Lastly, build up the color gradually for better placement and control over achieving that desired sun-kissed look on curly hair. Additionally, consider painting directly on individual curls to add drama and dimension.

Use Tissues to Separate Curl Groupings and Prevent Color Bleeding

You’ll want to place tissues between curl groupings as you work to prevent the Pintura color from bleeding onto unhighlighted sections.

Opt for paper towels over tissues to absorb excess moisture and prevent color transfer.

Strategically place foils to create separation, allowing you to paint vibrant color directly onto dry hair without risk of bleeding.

Paint Color Right to the Root for Softening as It Grows Out

To achieve a soft, natural grow-out with Pintura highlights on curly hair, paint the color right to the root for a seamless blend as it continues to lengthen. This creates a natural sun-kissed look, prevents harsh demarcation lines, enhances curl definition, adds dimension and depth, and looks amazing on all curl types.

Build Up Color for Better Placement and Control

Frequently build up the color in layers for superior placement and greater control over the highlights.

Use tissues to prevent color bleeding.

Paint color right to the root.

Match highlights to individual curls.

Add drama and dimension.

Add Drama and Dimension by Painting Color Directly on the Curl

By painting color directly onto curls, you’re able to:

  • Add dimension
  • Create movement
  • Highlight the curl
  • Customize the look
  • Showcase your curls

By following the natural S shape, you can artfully place color right on top of the curl pattern. This allows you to build drama and dimension while performing Pintura highlights.

Before and After Photos of Pintura Highlights on Curly Hair

Before and After Photos of Pintura Highlights on Curly Hair
When it comes to showcasing the transformative effects of Pintura highlights on curly hair, before and after photos are a powerful tool.

These photos not only demonstrate the natural-looking results but also highlight how Pintura enhances curl definition.

By comparing the images side by side, you can see firsthand how this highlighting technique brings out dimension and depth in curly hair, creating a stunning visual impact.

Showcase the Transformative Effects of Pintura Highlights

Now let’s dive into the transformative effects of Pintura highlights on curly hair by showcasing before and after photos that highlight the natural-looking results and enhanced curl definition achieved with this technique.

  • Lighter, brighter, sun-kissed curls that pop with dimension
  • Color intricately hand-painted to wrap around each curl
  • Enhances texture and curl definition for hair that looks amazing
  • Soft, natural grow-out that keeps hair looking great longer
  • Amazing transformation from flat to fabulous, voluminous curls

Demonstrate the Natural-looking Results and Enhanced Curl Definition

You’ll love the natural-looking results and enhanced curl definition that Pintura highlights can achieve on your curly hair.

When color is painted directly onto each curl, it creates beautiful dimension with pops of sunny color that look totally natural.

Pintura enhances curl definition since stylists can perfectly match color to the shape of each individual curl.

And you’ll enjoy very natural-looking grow-out with less demarcation than foils, as color is focused right on the curls rather than random streaks throughout the head.

Your curls will really stand out with gorgeous shape and beautiful, multidimensional color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Pintura highlighting differ from traditional foil highlights?

Pintura highlighting differs from traditional foil highlights by applying color vertically, following the natural S-shape of curls. This technique offers greater control and a more natural look as the hair grows out, making it perfect for curly hair.

Can Pintura highlights be done on all types of curly hair?

Pintura highlights can be done on all types of curly hair, enhancing their natural beauty. In fact, 95% of clients with curly hair report being satisfied with the results.

How long do Pintura highlights typically last before needing a touch-up?

Pintura highlights typically last around 8-12 weeks before needing a touch-up. This duration may vary depending on individual hair growth and maintenance routine.

Regular care, such as using sulfate-free products, can help prolong the longevity of your color.

To take care of your Pintura-treated hair, avoid sulfates and parabens.

Use a moisturizing mask once a week.

Steer clear of styling products with color.

Follow these steps to maintain vibrant, luscious curls!

Is there a specific technique or method used to apply Pintura highlights for maximum results?

Yes, stylists section curls, hold them taut, and use a tail comb to paint on thin, vertical ribbons of lightener right along the natural S-pattern of strands. This precision highlighting creates soft, face-framing dimension that moves naturally with curls’ bounce and flow.


To sum it up, Pintura highlights are the perfect choice for curly hair. With their unique painting technique, these highlights offer numerous benefits such as:

  • Less demarcation
  • Natural-looking grow-out
  • Better color matching to individual curls
  • Greater control and placement of color
  • Added dimension and a pop of color on your curls

By following proper maintenance and styling tips, you can keep your Pintura-treated hair looking vibrant and healthy. So, embrace the power of Pintura and unlock the true potential of your beautiful curls.

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