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What Happens if You Shave With a Rusty Razor? (2023)

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shave with a rusty razorYou’ve likely wondered if shaving with a rusty razor is as bad as they say. Well, believe it or not, dragging an old, dull blade across your skin does more harm than good. Shaving with a rusty razor irritates the skin and causes nicks, cuts, and even infection.

Maintaining your razors properly keeps your skin happy and healthy. Using a sterilizer kills bacteria, while a sharpener hones the blade for a smoother shave. Ditch the rusty razor before it leaves your face red and bumpy. With some simple upkeep, you’ll shave with a rusty razor safely and comfortably.

Key Takeaways

  • Shaving with a rusty razor can cause harm to the skin and lead to nicks, cuts, and infection.
  • Rusted razors can harbor bacteria, leading to infections and acne breakouts.
  • Proper cleaning and disinfecting of the razor after each use can help reduce the risk of bacteria and infection.
  • Proper maintenance and storage of razors can ensure they remain rust-free and free of bacteria buildup.

The Dangers of Shaving With a Rusty Razor

shave with a rusty razor 1
Shaving with a rusty razor poses serious risks you should avoid. Using a dull, corroded blade will irritate your skin and likely cause nicks, cuts, and painful razor burn. Rusted razors can also harbor bacteria, leading to infections, ingrown hairs, and acne breakouts.

Risk of Cuts, Nicks, and Infection

You’ll nick yourself badly if you scrape that crusty blade across your skin. A dull, rusty razor tugs and pulls, ripping your hair out instead of cutting it cleanly. Expect chronic irritation, painful razor bumps, and frequent nicks from careless shaving technique.

Bloody shaving with old blades risks cuts that can harbor bacteria. Check your blades – toss dull, rusty ones. They snag skin, causing nicks that are perfect for infection. Replace them often for a close, comfortable shave.

Irritation and Bacterial Infection

Scraping that crusty blade across your skin will leave you with chronic irritation and nasty razor bumps, ripe for bacterial infection. Worn-out razors tug and pull, ripping your hair instead of cutting cleanly. This leads to nicks harboring bacteria from poor hygiene.

Reduce infection risks by using sharp new blades and sterilizing between shaves. Razor blade sharpeners extend blade life. Prevention tips: replace dull blades often and disinfect routinely.

Ingrown Hairs and Acne Breakouts

Plucking those crusty hairs with a worn blade will lead to trapped follicles and blemish outbreaks. Dull blades yank and tug, forcing hairs to curl back under the skin. Cracked lesions and inflammation ensue, prime for acne-causing bacteria.

Check your tools. Replace often. Disinfect thoroughly. Healthy skin needs sharp blades slicing smoothly.

Can You Get Tetanus From a Rusty Razor?

Can You Get Tetanus From a Rusty Razor?
While shaving with a rusty razor might seem dangerous, contracting tetanus is actually quite unlikely. However, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the razor after each use is still important to reduce your risk of bacteria.

Neglecting this can lead to irritation, inflammation, and potential infection from microbes that accumulate.

Unlikely to Contract Tetanus

You’re as unlikely to get tetanus from that rusty razor as a snowball’s chance on the Fourth of July. Although rust may harbor bacteria, most modern blades simply dull. Focus instead on RazorPit sharpeners, shaving cream, and proper blade angles.

With good tools and technique, you can avoid irritation and enjoy a close shave. Don’t fret over discoloration, just watch for warped or damaged blades. Replace often and disinfect razor stands to prevent bacteria buildup.

Importance of Cleaning and Disinfecting

It’s important to clean and disinfect your razor after every use in order to reduce the risk of bacteria and infection. This will not only help regulate blade sharpness, but it will also ensure that your blade guard stays effective for longer.

Additionally, using shaving cream when you shave helps protect against nicks and cuts caused by a rusty razor, while pre-shave oil moisturizes the skin before each shave. It’s important to carefully select an appropriate aftershave as well, one that can combat irritation from a dull or rusted razor without causing any further damage to the skin’s protective barrier.

Properly cleaning, disinfecting, maintaining, and storing your shaved blades will ensure they remain rust-free and free of a buildup of bacteria between uses.

Recommended Products for Razor Maintenance
When it comes to maintaining your razor, there are several excellent products you should consider. An effective salon tool sterilizer keeps your blades hygienic, while a razor blade sharpener like the RazorPit extends their lifespan.

Investing in a razor stand case eliminates moisture and oxygen to double the razor’s life. For travel, Gillette’s compact handle with a leather case is a convenient choice. And for an old-school wet shave, Viking Revolution’s safety razor kit provides the complete luxury experience.

Salon Tool Sterilizer Cleaner

You’d be wise to use a Salon Tool Sterilizer Cleaner since it kills 99.9% of germs on razors and other salon tools. This electric sterilizer safely and effectively sanitizes stainless tools without harsh chemicals.

Simply place tools inside, set the timer, and let the advanced technology kill bacteria. Ideal for salons, it maintains hygiene protocol. With proper cleaning, tools stay securely in the stylish travel case.

The air heat dryer ensures no lingering moisture. Give clients confidence with this smart investment.

NANOFIX Razor Blade Sharpener Cleaner

Try the NANOFIX Razor Blade Sharpener Cleaner to remove residue and sharpen blades with its special NANO PU material for a smooth shave.

The NANOFIX cleaner extends razor life 5-6x by using suction and friction to absorb microscopic debris.

  1. Removes residue
  2. Sharpens blades
  3. Extends blade life
  4. Smooths shaving

With gentle pressure, glide razors across the textured surface to reveal a renewed edge.

Razor Holder Protector Doubles Blade Life Stand Case

Extend the life of your razor with BLADELIFE’s Razor Holder Protector – a stand case that removes oxygen and moisture to double blade life.

Feature Benefit Result
Removes oxygen Reduces blade oxidation Prolongs blade lifespan
Absorbs moisture Prevents blade corrosion Enables smooth gliding
Upside-down storage Promotes drainage Keeps blade bacteria-free

With its high-quality materials and innovative design, this device enables the safest razor storage for the smoothest, best shave possible.

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener

Keep those nasty nicks at bay and make your blades last longer with the RazorPit Sharpener’s patented friction technology.

The sleek RazorPit utilizes gentle yet effective honing techniques, keeping your blades sharp for up to 90% savings. Its compact design cleans pores and removes residue, refreshing dull edges. Shave comfortably with this essential accessory’s ability to prevent razor burn.

Simply glide blades along its soft surface after each use for smooth, exfoliated skin.

Gillette Travel Razor

Experience the smooth shave of the Gillette Fusion Travel Razor for everyday use or travel.

  1. Compact size fits easily in a travel kit.
  2. Protective case prevents nicks.
  3. Saddle leather sheath for finger protection.
  4. Compatible with Fusion blades.
  5. Replace blades frequently for the best shave.

The 2.75-inch Gillette Fusion Travel Razor comes with a saddle leather case and one Fusion blade. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel, while the protective case prevents nicks. Simply replace blades often for a close, tug-free shave. Though small, this razor delivers a smooth everyday shave.

Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Enjoy the old-school wet shave of a lifetime with Viking Revolution’s luxury safety razor kit.

Feature Benefit Value
Safety razor & blades Close shave without irritation High-quality materials
Shave brush Lathers soap for smooth glide Genuine badger hair
Shave bowl & soap Rich lather retains warmth Handcrafted natural ingredients
Travel case Compact storage, easy transport Durable leather, snap closure

This complete kit provides all a shaving enthusiast needs for a traditional wet shave. From the ergonomic safety razor handle to the formulated shave products, each component delivers a comfortable experience.

With quality gear packed in a rugged leather case, you’ll be ready to shave anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some home remedies for treating razor burn caused by a rusty razor?

Rinse the area with cold water to soothe irritation, then apply some antibiotic ointment and aloe vera gel to reduce inflammation. Avoid shaving over irritated skin and choose loose, breathable clothing until it heals.

An exfoliating cleanser with salicylic acid can help prevent ingrown hairs. Moisturize afterwards to aid in healing.

Is it okay to use rubbing alcohol to disinfect a rusty razor?

I do not recommend using rubbing alcohol on a rusty razor. The alcohol could further damage and corrode the blade. Instead, replace old, rusted razors to avoid skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and infection risks.

How can you tell if microscopic rust is present that isn’t visible to the naked eye?

You cannot see microscopic rust with your eyes alone. Use a magnifying glass or microscope to inspect the blade for tiny flecks of rust that you would normally miss.

What is the best way to dispose of an old, rusty razor?

Wrap the old razor in duct tape or place it in a sturdy container before putting it in the trash. This will help protect sanitation workers from potential injury. Razor blades should never be flushed or recycled.

Are more expensive razor blades less prone to rusting than cheaper ones?

You’ll find pricier blades often use more corrosion-resistant coatings that help prevent rusting. But proper care and drying after use impact longevity more than cost. With good maintenance, even budget razor blades can deliver a close, comfortable shave without rusting prematurely.


Looking at the dangers and realities of shaving with a rusty razor, it’s clear this is an experience to avoid. Though unlikely to contract tetanus, exposing your skin to old blades raises the risks of irritation, infection, ingrown hairs, and ugly nicks.

While sea chanties might mention this risky ritual, don’t be fooled – shaving with a rusty razor can damage your complexion. To ensure a smooth, nick-free shave, disinfect tools between uses and replace dull, rusted blades frequently.

Equipping yourself with fresh razors and maintaining proper blade hygiene will help you steer clear of the dreaded rusty razor fate. Ultimately, inspect your tools and care for your skin by saying no to shaving with a rusty razor.

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