Zeus Folding Mustache Comb, Handmade Saw-cut Best Moustache Pocket Comb – (Tortoiseshell) – K12

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  • FOLDING SNORKAM (K11/12): Our famous foldable mustache comb is a must-have for anyone with a beard or stache. Our handmade comb is made from cellulose acetate and cut from sheets of plant material for a petroleum and plastic free alternative. The comb has fine, wide teeth, which are shaped to the shape of the upper lip for easy combing. The tooth tips are rounded for smooth gliding in sensitive areas. When you're done styling, simply fold the comb away and you're good to go.
  • CELLULOSE ACETATE: Our handmade combs are made with sheets of this plant material, giving us a petroleum and plastic free alternative. Combs made with this material are of higher quality compared to plastic, which is cheaper and does not last as long. Our cellulose acetate combs are super durable and flexible, meaning you can use them for longer. Don't pass up our quality beard and mustache combs and settle for something cheaper. Make sure to take care of your facial hair and use it the best!
  • HANDMADE SAW-CUT: All of our beard and mustache combs are handmade using sheets of cellulose acetate for its resilience and anti-static properties. The combs are sawn and hand polished with rounded tips, giving you a smooth and scratch-free passage through your beard and mustache. Because these combs are handcrafted, each of our combs has unique properties in its materials, yet offers the same performance and retains the resiliency as another.
  • FINE TEETH: Our folding mustache comb has fine teeth to help target specific areas. The fine teeth of our Folding Mustache Comb are molded to the shape of the upper lip, allowing for easy passing. The fine teeth are best for removing tangles and straightening strands. The foldable design is perfect and makes for the perfect companion for the pocket comb.
  • EXTRA INFORMATION: This folding mustache comb is perfect for those with mustaches or even shorter beards. This is vegan friendly due to the plant-based base materials used, so this is great for all users. The comb measures (open) 4.5” x .75” | (closed) 2.5” x 1”. We offer this comb in our traditional and tortoiseshell style and remember that each comb will look unique due to the process of making the cellulose acetate sheets during production.

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How thin is the comb? Thick combs just push on my beard and doesn't do through it.

Well I got my caliper out and it's .137" thick then tapering to the end like the teeth. I feel it's thin. I keep it in my pocket and even use it to comb my hair. If if i lose it i will buy another i have had it for a few months now and it is just like when i bought it.

where are they made ?

india. great comb