Zenia Indigo Powder (Indigofera Tinctoria) Hair/beard Dye Color 100 Grams Price:  $6.90 (as of 24/11/2021 03:20 AM Details )

  • NATURAL HAIR COLOR: Zenia Natural Indigo Powder is a hair dye that is used in combination with henna powder or other herbs to achieve a range of permanent hair colors, from red/brown, dark brown and black. Indigo powder is a great way to permanently dye your hair naturally!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: USED ONLY Indigo will not dye your hair effectively. Indigo powder should be used after or in combination with high quality Henna powder. We recommend using Zenia Pure Henna Powder. This listing is for indigo powder only. Henna is sold separately in our shop.
  • SAFE TO USE: Unlike other products on the market today, this hair dye is safe from harmful chemicals and preservatives such as PPD, ammonia, heavy metals, pesticides or peroxides. Please perform a sensitivity test or consult your physician before using this product.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: Our natural indigo powder is perfect for anyone with any hair type. The indigo dye powder has a deep moisturizing effect from roots to tips to give you smooth, shiny and healthier hair.
  • 100 GRAMS

How long does the color last?

I started using indigo in November (4 months ago). My color has not faded at all. My hair is hard to dye! I've had permanent dyes that wash out when I rinsed my hair. I only apply indigo to my new growth, after applying henna. I don't mix them. I love that dark maroon with red stripes. It resembles my family's hair color. This product is also not as gritty as others and easier to rinse out (after three rinses of conditioner between rinses).

If you just want to cover greys, can this product be used alone? I have never used indigo powder, just henna (red/dark brown and black)

Unfortunately it is not possible, henna works as an indigo activator to get the black color on your hair. If so, I would only use indigo because I just want my hair jet black. I know you can mix both henna and indigo in one step instead of two to save time, but you'll have to do your own research as I've never done the one step process before. I hope this helps :)

Can the indigo be added to henna in a mix instead of doing it in separate treatments? 3 hrs of henna and another 2 for indigo seems daunting.

Yes, you must first make a mixture of water and henna (adding lime and olive oil is recommended) and leave it ALIG for up to 18 hours to bleed/release the dye. Add the indigo just before applying it to the hair as the dye release/bleeding rate for indigo is quite fast. Blend the mixture to the desired consistency and beat on your hair. Leave it on for 2_6 hours and then wash the hair by raining it with water only and dry it. Shampoo and condition next day.

Is every batch of indigo tested for ppd's independently by a 3rd party lab? are the test results available to the public?

PPDs have a brownish color. Indigo has a blue-green color when wet. Indigo is a legume and the indigo powder smells a bit like peas. I hope this helps.

Tienen diferentes colores del polvo de henna


I didn’t get the results I wanted. How soon can I reuse ?

I'm not sure what results you're looking for. I tried to get a dark to medium brown with a few highlights of red. So when I mix mine, I probably use three to four times as much indigo as henna. I now use very little henna in my mixture. I put a little lime or lemon juice to cure the henna. I put salt in the mixture to cure the Indago. The Henna must remain in place for at least one night. The Indigo doesn't take that much time, but since I'm mixing them, it eventually turned out. And after mixing it, sometimes I mix it with conditioning powders and then I put it in the fridge. When I put it on my head, I let it sit for at least 4 until 6 hours and wrap my head in a grocery bag. I hope this is helpful and that you finally get the results you want. If I don't get the results I want after rinsing my hair and it's dry and I don't think it will darken. I use more Indigo and reapply the next day or so. You can keep it in the fridge for a few days. If you get the result you want and you have leftover mixture, you can always freeze it. Good luck and have fun. I found my instructions online for mixing the henna and indigo.

Can i just use the powder in this package or do i have to use something else. i bought burgundy powder from sally’s didn’t have to use anything else?

It was a gift and I think it could only be used with water

Do you get 1 or 2 packs of the 100 gram henna?

A henna of 100 grams

Is this a blue powder or a green powder?

Since this is derived from a plant, the powder is green. But when you dip in water, the dye that is released is bluish/black. I hope this helps.

Hi, I'd love to know whether this product comes with henna or would I have to buy that separately? If separate what products would you recommend? powder purchased directly from Last time I ordered Henna powder from Amazon but it works differently than I order from Frontier last year. (Actually it should be the same product (same the cover), but after I try it, it just looks different. And it costs more than you can order Indigo Powder from Amazon ,,The price is good. and it works well for me. After you have dyed 2 hours with Henna powder, you then dye with indigo powder. with salt and warm water) sale henna powder is the best,, never buy Henna powder in the Indian supermarkets, most of them are not real ingredient. it looks like you are adding soil or sand. Don't forget to order organic Henna Powder to protect your hair. you can add fresh lemon juice, honey, olive oil and so on..about the basic method: henna powder + black tea..this way your hair will look natural and not dry like the hair dye product(chemical) in the store.