Woody’s Clay for Men, Matte Finish With Firm and Flexible Hold, Adds Thickness and Texture,

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  • Ggives you an exceptional hold without any stiffness or gel crunch
  • Ry work to get multiple haircuts
  • contains hemp seed oil for deep conditioning of the hair
  • matte finish does not make your hair shiny
  • Quantity: 3.OYHOCA



How should I apply this to my hair?

Rub a little bit into the palms of your hands, then run your hands through your hair and style. Hair can be wet or dry, I prefer to towel dry my hair a bit and apply to slightly wet hair. It doesn't take much, start with a little and add more for extra strength.

Is this good for long hair?

Better off with a cream or pomade for longer hair. Clay is too heavy

I have thick 4inches hair, would it work or I should go with the creme?

Yes it gives a smooth finish but holds up better as it is a clay. It also allows you to restyle your hair the next day with just a swipe of your fingers through your hair. I have a shorter haircut and this allows me to maintain my style without having to wash and style it every day.

Could this be used well as a pre styler when the hair is slightly damp?

It is a lot easier to apply when the hair is damp compared to when it is dry and difficult to get through your hair

Does this make your hair shiny or matte?

It's a matte finish, where it looks like you haven't used any product. It also doesn't make your hair look or feel like a helmet. Ladies can also run their fingers through your hair without the crunchiness of gel or residue.

Is this non comedogenic?

I wouldn't risk it if that were one of your top priorities when purchasing this product. It does a great job of styling your hair with little effort, but if not applied properly it tends to stick to your skin very noticeably.

can anyone compare woodys clay to woodys web, in terms of function?

They are both great products and I use them both depending on what style I want. My hair is currently about 4-inches and the clay works better with this length and shorter. If my hair is 6+ inches, I prefer the web. The clay works best with absolutely dry hair. It has a stronger grip than the web, but both offer the great matte finish. If I want volume, I use the clay. The web is great with damp or dry hair. It has a great hold, but does not last as long as the clay. In terms of pliability, web is much easier to use. It washes off easily while the clay is very thick and requires more attention when cleaning otherwise it will get swept on your towel. All in all, both great products to have.

Does it make the hair look greasy?

It has a matte finish so your hair won't look greasy once it dries. It will make your hair feel a little tacky and heavy when you first apply it.

Does it have a strong hold

I bought this for my son, his hair stays put. Great grip. You just need to find the right amount.

I saw a youtube video where the guy used a styling clay for his beard, can I use this in my beard?

I would advise against doing this!...this is quite a thick clay. I use Woody's Beard Balm and it is perfect for my beard as mine is a bit stiff.