Wooden Beard Comb & Case, Dual Action Fine & Coarse Teeth, Perfect for Use With

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  • DISCOVER WHAT YOU’RE MISSING Zoek (Find out for yourself, why others say this is the most productive comb they have got ever encountered! This double-sided comb provides the most productive care with both its fine and coarse teeth. No static or pulling and great for making knots
  • MAKE HER LOVE ANYWHERE AGAIN � (Feel and appear at your best with a well-groomed beard. She will certainly notice who the king of the jungle is. Works great for any type of beard, long, short, thick or thin .
  • ASSIGNMENT ATTENTION WHEN YOU WALK INTO THE ROOM Zie (Appear to be 1,000,000 dollars! A well-groomed beard will give you the confidence to triumph over the world. Comes with a cover that may be easy to carry without the risk of damage.
  • IF YOU CARE FOR YOUR BEARD – Why settle for anything but the most productive Our pear comb with pear wood is perfect for applying oils and balms It will be important for the health of your beard to stimulate your hair follicles.
  • THE VIKING GARANT IE: All Viking products are delivered th a 100% satisfaction guarantee – please contact us if you don’t seem to be satisfied with your purchase for any reason.

Where is this product made?

Clearwater, FL

Thinking of getting this for a friend who has a mane to go with his beard. Is this also good to use on head hair?

I don't know why. It is sturdy, and is the same, it is the same law: while It is nice that it is two-sided, with a variety of thickness levels.

What are the measurements of this hair comb? Is it credit-card sized?

One half of an inch longer than that of a credit card or a business card. Hardly any wider than this.

Does this comb fit in a wallet?

Unless you have a really big wallet. I'll put it in a front pocket or a jacket pocket. I've had mine in my back pocket and it broke when I got out of my car. My debt is sitting on it.

what is the suitable way to clean this wooden comb ?.

Warm water en zeep.

What’s the best method of cleaning this item?

I didn't really need to clean it to make it what it is. I have been using a beard balm,and when you're done, use a dry paper towel. It seems to work well.

Is the brush of the beard made of pig hair?

This item is a beard comb, made of pear wood. It's nice, but it has no hair, like the wooden teeth, because it is the same.

What type of wood is this?

Pear wood, please read the description of the product.

What is the case made of?

It is nothing special, but a leather or synthetic leather, it's a decent case with their logo stamped on it.

How much does it weigh exactly? It's listed at Item Weight: 0.64 ounces--is that accurate?

When I weigh it, it’s 22 grams, which = .776027 oz.

Is this made in the usa? been trying to find one made in the usa.

It is made in the USA.