Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip With Stagger Tooth Blade, Lithium

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  • PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE: Wahl's Professional 5 Star Series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip is designed to create seamless blends when hard or soft lines fade with its unique offset blade that blends the hair and creates texture as you cut. – overlapping blades that provide superior speed and ease of use, a convenient tapered handle for easy blending and blending, and a lithium-ion battery for 90+ minutes of run time per charge /16″, charging transformer, cleaning brush, polishing cloth, clipper oil, red blade guard and instruction manual
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The 5 Star Series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip measures only 6.25″ long and weighs only 13.9 ounces; featuring an 2161 blade with staggered teeth and crunch technology, an adjustable taper handle for easy blending and fading
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Product Description

Creates seamless blends when blurring hard or soft lines. The unique offset blade blends the hair and creates texture while cutting. Ideal for bulk hair removal.

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Package Dimensions

6.5 x 6.3 x 3 inches 2.05 Pounds

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1 Lithium ion batteries required. included




Wahl Professional

Made in america?

Made in USA Leo J. Wahl invented the electric hair clipper in 1919. With more than 3,300 employees worldwide and an industry leader in the US, Wahl is the epitome of professional hair clippers for men. The Wahl clippers and their blade sets are developed and manufactured in Illinois in the USA. The charger is made in China

Does it come with the 3 clipper guards as shown on the box?


Can you use regular plastic guards on it?


Are these original? or replicas? sorry to ask but i got scammed with some other clippers i bought somewhere else.

Original. Bought for my husband for his birthday, high quality and he loves it so much his colleagues bought them!

can you use other wahl attachments

If you ask if you can use Wahl clipper guides, the answer is yes. I bought this set, Wahl Professional Premium Black Cutting Guides #3171-500 – 1/8” to 1” – Fits all full size Wahl Clippers. I also bought these guides, Miaco size 10 and 12 (1.25" and 1.5") Clipper Guide Comb Set fits Wahl Clippers.

What are the rpms?

Enough to cut tree branches. Sorry I can't tell you exactly, but it's not a joke, like you have to treat it with respect or you'll hurt yourself.

are you currntly shipping? 4/19/2020 i am interested in purchasing thanks

Sorry, but I can't answer that question, I'm a verified customer.. You need to contact the seller of this product to find out the shipping status...

Can you attach Wahl codes cutting guide with this clipper?

Yes, any wahl compatible cutting guide should work.

Is the whole clipper housing metal?

Yeah, they don't hit very well tho

Which is better quality and which give was a better cut? Metal edition, senior or the regular magic clip?

I've owned the Wahl 5 Star Metal Edition Clipper for a little over a year. The cutting quality is excellent and the clippers appear to be of robust construction. Does the Metal Edition justify the price, honestly I don't know. I have researched the Magic Clip and the Senior Series clippers. The runtime of the Metal Edition is longer than that of the regular magic or senior in wireless use, 70 minutes compared to 90 minutes plus for the Metal Edition. Plastic housing on the Senior and Magic Edition compared to a metal housing on the Metal Edition. I would think the best durability and build quality would favor the Metal Edition, but that's just my opinion. Which would give the better cut? I haven't used the Regular Magic Series or Senior Series Clipper, so I can't answer that question. Since the Wahl Metal, Magic and Senior Wahl's are professional clippers designed to be used by stylists, each of them should cut quality hair and withstand everyday use better than a $25.00 Clipper.