Wahl Groomsman Battery Operated Beard Trimming Kit for Beard and Mustache Trimming and Light Detailing

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  • Precision-ground blades – Our low-carbon precision-ground blades stay sharp longer, use in conjunction with our six-position beard adjuster for multiple beard trims; Our beard guards range in length from stubble to short & clean, to thick & even
  • < > Cut Lengths – Achieve a range of beard styles with < > different lengths for trimming beards from 1/8” to ½”; include stubble (1/16), medium (1/8”) and full protection (3/16”) in addition to a < > position guide (1/16” to ½”)
  • Battery powered – Groomsman is a battery powered beard trimmer that runs on two AA batteries (included) and features an ergonomically shaped handle with soft grip pads
  • Mens Beard Trim Kit – Includes the Groomsman trimmer, adjustable < > position guard, < > stubble comb, < > AA batteries, trimmer guard, blade oil, cleaning brush and stand
  • The beard you want – Wahl beard trimmers for men provide a smooth, precise trim so you can get the beard style you want. Choose from a variety of guide comb lengths and widths to suit any beard or mustache style, from scruff to full

Product Description

Wahl Groomsman Cordless/battery-powered beard and mustache trimmer with ergonomic contour design and soft touch elements for a comfortable grip, carbon steel blades are precision sharpened to stay sharp longer and beard adjuster along with bald blade to < > trim lengths.

The Wahl Groomsman beard and mustache trimmer features precision-ground carbon steel blades that stay sharp and give you a perfect trim every time. Tighten your beard, mustache, goatee and neckline quickly and accurately. With an ergonomic shape that is easy to maneuver, you will have no problem mastering the Groomsman beard and mustache trimmer.

With an ergonomic design with soft touch elements you always have a comfortable grip and full control. The beard regulator offers seven trim lengths, so you can create exactly the look you want. Also included are guide combs for achieving looks like a perfect two-day stubble.

The set comes with a storage base that organizes the accessories and keeps everything tidy. A cleaning brush, blade oil and two AA batteries are also included so you can use the trimmer right out of the box. The Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer is backed by a 3-year warranty.

About Wahl
Wahl already finds and produces more than < > year in Sterling, IL. In < >, Wahl invented the first cordless consumer beard and mustache trimmer. The company remains steadfast in its roots by providing professional quality products. Unlike the competition, the trimmers are designed and manufactured in a Wahl factory. No other company can match Wahl's quality, durability and professional heritage.

What's in the box
Beard trimmer, 6-position guide, standard guide combs (stubble, 1/8-inch, 3/16-inch), blade guard, beard comb, two-way cleaning brush, blade oil AA batteries, storage base, instructions/styling guide.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

0.75 x 6 x 3.5 inches 8.47 Ounces

Item model number

9906 717


Shaving and Hair Removal


2 AA batteries required. included




Wahl Clipper Corp

Country of Origin


How long do the batteries last?

I bought it < > months ago, use it once a week and I'm still on my original batteries

what is the closest length option?

The closest length option is #1 on the adjustable trimmer guide and that makes for a length equal to the morning after a "long night out" or some would call it "the edgy look". If you were blonde, it would be Don Johnson's "Miami Vice" look. I personally think this is too short. Maybe like me you want to get creative and adjust the guides and give them a different length - the length you personally want. I use a standard women's emory board or hardware emory paper and sand the trimmer guides to a different length. This is very quick and easy to do (10 minutes) but test the length repeatedly as you shorten the length to make sure you don't go TOO far because if you make it TOO short you won't be able to do it again - there is no "redo".

what type of batteries dose it take

2 AA batteries

Can this be used for the body?

I have only used it for my beard, but for that I need the detachable head. There are blades that would cut very closely and, if I remember correctly, they can be used for other areas of the neck and face where you don't want a beard at all. The long and short of it is probably "yes", you could use this on your body.

How is 9906-717 different from 5537-2701 ?

9906-717 appears to be the newer model. It has slightly different moldings and does not come with a bag like the 5537-2701. The newer version fits very comfortably in the hand and is easy to use due to the more ergonomic shape. I like that it runs on AA batteries. I have enough rechargeable batteries and a smart charger. It's not well marked how the batteries are placed so once I figured it out I used a sharp object to put a big "+" to guide me. Easy to fix! For the price this can't be beat! Also compatible with older Wahl moldings. If you're replacing an older Wahl of a similar size, like I did, you may be able to use your favorite guard with the new trimmer.

Can I use this to shave

Hmm, I wouldn't do it. You might, but there are definitely better options for shaving. It would probably come close enough (I use it for my husband's neckline), but the head just doesn't move the same way most electric razors do and it would be a little hard to do the curves of your face.

what is the longest length option?

The length of your beard is determined by shifting the meter to a number between < > to < >. The maximum length seems to be about 5/8 inch.

Can this be flipped over and used on skin without cutting/bleeding?

Yes. In fact, that's what I do every time as part of my routine. It won't give you an extremely close shave, but it won't catch, cut or bleed either. The key is to keep the blades oiled with the supplied oil. I've been using these for many years and wouldn't want anything else.

How good is this trimmer at trimming behind the ears AND getting a straight level cut behind the neck?

The trimmer is small enough and manoeuvrable to trim around the ears. You can get a straight line on beard, mustache or neckline with practice, it takes a few passes to get a really clean cut. Remember that it runs on batteries.

Is this trimmer washable?

Sorry, no, the trimmer is not washable. The blades can be cleaned with the brush included in the kit. The blades and the appliance must not be rinsed with water.