Wahl Clipper Pro Series Platinum Haircutting Combo Kit With Barbers Shears Model 79804100, Black, 30 Price:  $69.99 (as of 22/11/2021 00:23 AM Details )

  • Wahl Best Motor – Pro Series features our best motor for exceptional power and durability
  • Xl Power Cord – Our XL 8' Power Cord is braided for greater durability and flexibility during use
  • 12 Protections Included – Our SECURE-SNAP mounting guards with stainless steel mounting clips are included and range in size from 1/8″ to 1″
  • Free Combo Trimmer – Included is a corded trimmer for light body and face trimming
  • Premium Shears – We've included a pair of our premium stainless steel hairdressing scissors that cut through thick hair with ease

Product Description

Wahl Pro series premium combo kit with high quality hair cutting tools. This cutting kit comes with 29 pieces and an XL 8' braided power cord for exceptional durability and flexibility. Also included is a set of 12 secured mounting protectors with stainless steel mounting clips. A matching rechargeable touch-up trimmer is included in the package, along with high-quality stainless steel hairdressing scissors. This kit comes in a premium soft storage case with a hard shell for storing clippers and accessories. Our products are tested with hygienic fibers for cutting performance, any remaining fibers will not affect performance and can be brushed off. If a clipper is pushed during shipment, there is a possibility that your clipper may become out of tune. If your clippers are sounding loud, rippling, or don't seem to cut properly, it's easy to fix. Consult the instruction book for fine tuning your clipper in 30 seconds. Product in packaging may not be exactly the same as photo due to continuous improvements to the product.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4.84 x 11.46 x 10.75 inches 2 Pounds





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What is the warrantee?

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I would like to buy the Wahl haircut mecine with 220v. Dou you have any recomend for me ?? Thank you

I don't know if there are models that are 220V native. However, I'm pretty sure you can buy some kind of adapter for this purpose.

Can I just buy the guards ?

I'm not sure, but it certainly seems likely.

Can you zero gap it?

No, it is not able to zero the gap unless you change the bracket

Can I purchase clipper only?

Sorry, this clipper only comes in a combo kit. For more information, please contact Wahl at [email protected]

How many watts does take on the wall 1000W, 100W, etc?

These clippers are the best. They cut hair with precision. The kit it comes in is very professional.

Is this corded or can it be used cordless?

Both clippers have cords. Not rechargeable

Can it work on 220V?

No, not out of the box. However, I am quite sure that one can buy a device to convert 220 volts to 110 volts.

I bought this clipper but i will use it with 220V which converter i shoud use as watt

This product is designed for the US market, use 110v to 120v and 60Hz. An 220 volt converter would be designed for 50 Hz and would require several components in the unit to run efficiently. If you need more information, please contact Wahl at [email protected]

110 or 220 volts?

110 volts