Vikings Blade the Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive) Price: $16.97 (as of 10/11/2021 04:00 AM Details )

  • This is THE original Chieftain from Vikings Blade: a tried and proven perfect all round razor with medium aggression
  • 20% Heavier. 150% Smoother. 200% more environmentally friendly than other mass-produced lookalikes
  • High-quality materials, HEAVY DUTY construction and EXCELLENT quality control
  • Bonus: Faux leather and Alcantara case with mirror + a free pack of Swedish 13C26 mild steel blades
  • Great and meaningful gift for all occasions: Christmas, NDMP706's Day

does anyone know where these are made?

The Chieftain is made in China, but don't be fooled. It is top quality that German and English shavers compete that cost 5x. Unlike other defamatory answers that are clearly written by competitors, the Viking company never hides the fact that Baili has been instructed to build a modified mold exclusively for them. What gives the Viking Chieftain a head start on other cheap Baili clones (which look the same) is that the Chieftain is really the original Viking design and is considerably heavier. The Chieftain has 4 foam channels on each side with a strong reinforcing base, while the Baili clones have 2 foam channels with a wafer-thin base. The chief also shaves much effortlessly with moderate aggression, while the clones are extremely mild. Both Viking and Baili have already confirmed this, so don't listen to someone who claims otherwise. I suspect that they were all written by the same syndicate.

Where can I buy replacement blades?

I think all safety razors would fit.

how does this compare to the merkur razor?

Hi Michael, just type Merkur in the search box in the review section. There are quite a few brothers who also own both and other brands. The general consensus is that most people think the Vikings are shaving better and smoother. That of course also depends on your techniques and preferences.

What is the difference between the godfather and the chieftain razors? thanks ken from new smyrna beach fl

I have not used the godfather, but as far as I can see it has a screw head, with the chief being a butterfly mechanism. The butterfly mechanism makes the chief man very easy to handle and to take out knives, so I would personally choose this above the godfather

The hyper masculine marketing worries me. Will this work well for knees, ankles and other tricky spots for women?

I am a woman and like to use this razor / knife. This razor does not cause more cuts than a disposable knife and has worked well in difficult places. However, I think the handle may be a little longer.

how safe is this to use versus conventional blades?

Just as safe. These were commonplace for disposable razors. My husband loves the shave he gets.

What material is the handle and head made out of?

It is made of zinc alloy, also known as Zamak or pot metal, it is then covered with chrome, without the chromium plated zinc alloy rusting easily, but even Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Merkur, parker shaving heads are made of zinc alloy as well and covered with Chrome and the handle is usually made of brass and and covered with Chrome. Stainless steel shaving heads are more difficult to shape and are usually made of a solid block of stainless steel and are made of different types of stainless steel, usually 303, 304 and 316L, which is made of stainless steel for shipping and more durable than Stainless steel of 303 or 304 quality, that is why stainless steel shaving heads cost much more usually more than $ 100 to $ 400 and are paired with a stainless steel handle and are usually just polished and not coated. However, you can purchase stainless steel handles for a lower price because it is easier to machine, usually from $ 14 to $ 30, depending on the type of stainless steel used and the brand. This razor is well made and shaves great, although it is made of pot metal, it has a great weight and a nice heavy chrome coating, but I have the Baili and Razorock brands that are identical except for the brand name printing. There are several other brands that vary in price and they are all made the same. The lowest price is Razorock for less than $ 10, but does not come with a case. The Baili costs around $ 2 more, but comes with a plastic case with a mirror. It really is a well-made razor and shaves just as well as my other more expensive stainless steel shavers. If you are concerned about the durability of the razor, just buy a backup, I have 2 razor and 1 Baili and for the 3-part razor I have replaced the handle with a stainless steel handle and I add more weight and a better grip. You can also get the Vikings Blade brand because they offer a lifetime warranty.

Any trick to shaving underneath the nose? i'm having a hard time getting that area (first time de user however). thanks! other than that, loving it!

No real tricks. My process is to lift my nose and create a flatter surface between my upper lip and nose (more like the rest of my face). That way the razor has a better chance of success without licking anything.

What other razor blades for the Vikings Blade Douglas edge seeing as we can not purchase the razor blades individually?

simple double-sided knives, I prefer the German, Mercur (sp?) when I want the really beautiful, but Astra knives are a PandG knife and are cheap. (Even if they are made in the Russian area) Dollar shops made in Korea and Israel don't work well for me, but they work in a pinch.

What is the material of the safety razor? Rusting, pitting or corroding issues?

It is made of an alloy of brass and bronze, covered with a different layer of chrome.

Where this made?

Since 2017, we now have our own assembly line running in PRC China. The complimentary blades are made from Swedish 13C26 steel. Previously there was a false speculation spread by competitors that our Chieftain and Godfather razors were just rebranded Baili and Weishi razors. This has been refuted by both Baili, Weishi and authoritative sources including Sharpologist - confirming that our razors are independently made, heavier and shave differently with a unique head design. Robert Vikings Blade