Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold Hair Pomade, 2.5 Ounces Price:  $16.20 (as of 24/11/2021 09:01 AM Details )

  • Extreme Endurance
  • – Traditional/Heavy/Old School Product
  • Sweatproof
  • For Experienced Users Only

Does it really hold through sweat like if you play a sport?

Oh, it sure does hold, but it might not let your scalp breathe enough and cause heat rash. I've never had this while playing baseball, but I know that other petroleum-based products caused my head to get heat rash while playing sports. FYI, Imperial Strong Hold keeps my slick back in place during exercise and washes out with just water, no paint thinner lol.

I know the product description says "medium shine" but I prefer a matt look. How shiny does this actually end up being?

It was not a medium shine for my hair at all, it had a dry matte finish. Really strong hold and difficult to apply due to its strength.

I need to wet my hair quite a bit to get it to slick back..i just received my can of monster hold and it says dry hair dry hands?

Just use a blow dryer to shape your hair the way you want. The heat allows you to smooth your hair and you don't have to moisten or dilute the product

Would this work for an unruly beard?

I would never use this for my beard. Unless you're in a beard competition and trying to shape your beard to the last supper. There are many other beard balms and mustache waxes that can tame an unruly facial frizz without the possibility of not being able to move your face while wearing it.

Is this stronger then suavecito firme hold?

Hi, Since they are worded differently I would say this is the stronger of the two pomades. As this is a wax based pomade it would be slightly difficult to remove from hair while the Suavecito is water based which is easier to wash and rinse out.

Is this stronger then lockharts or reuzel

On my very thick hair it is stronger than Lockharts. I've never used Reuzel. If Reuzel is stronger it would be too strong to use in my hair

Does this work with thin hair

As with any thin hair, use a medium pomade or a smaller amount of a strong pomade like this one.

i ride a motorcycle. is it easy to fix after you take the helmet off?

Kind of. It gets a little tricky with a helmet. A hat doesn't have that much weight; the helmet is really going to push it down. That said, this is the best product I've ever used for styling. I can often style and go without showering the morning after I use it. It helps to wet your hands and get them mostly dry, then restyle.

Is monster hold bad for your hair? Will it dry it out like Suavesito?

I have never had any problems using the product. My hair has never dried out and it has always been pliable while staying in place. Overall I would recommend it.

Will this work if you have Afro hair?

Interesting question. To call the monster hold is an understatement. I have super thick hair and this stuff kept it from moving...not at all...not sure how it would work...worth a try