Tomb 45 Shave Gel for Men, Non-foaming Fresh Scent Clear Shaving Gel With Skin Replenishing Price: $9.99 (as of 09/11/2021 22:30 PM Details )

  • VITAMIN E: Tomb45 Shave Gel can help repair damaged layers with its Vitamin E formula.
  • ALO VERA HYDRATION: We use aloe for its high water content to hydrate your skin and prevent limescale and dryness.
  • DOUBLE AS A MOISTURIZER: In combination with aloe, glycerin is another key ingredient that acts as an emollient that seals in moisture to prevent flakiness or roughness.
  • CLEAR GEL, FRESH FRAGRANCE: Unlike shaving cream, the clear gel helps you create clear lines and prevent you from succeeding.
  • EASY SQUEEZE BOTTLE: A must-have for your hairdressing station, grooming kit or toiletry bag, our 8 oz application bottle allows you to apply the gel without any mess or waste. It's transparent so you can see how much content is left and know when to buy a new one.

Is this tested on animals?

I couldn't find any information about the manufacturer, but I was inspired by your request to do some animal testing myself. I tested it on a wild cat, a raccoon and a lizard. It seemed to hurt when I squirted it in the cat's eyes, I didn't like it at all. But after that it seemed fine. The lizard never restored his eyesight, so I hammered him out of his misery. I cut in the raccoon's food with it and after about an hour she started vomiting blood and spraying diarrhea everywhere, the next morning she was dead. So based on my experiments, I wouldn't recommend eating it or putting it in your eyes. I hope this helps!

Can this be used on the head?

Absalutly! It works great for the head and leaves no dry scalp.

How many ounces?

It's eight ounces. But a small drop goes a long way, this item will last if you don't use too much than what can already work perfectly for you. Use in small amounts and it will last a long time

Is a after shave necessary after using the gel ?

No the slow leaves your skin feeling smooth

Is it necessary to moisten the skin before applying the gel, or you apply it over the dry skin?

The gel can be applied directly to dry skin. It moisturizes the skin immediately for a good shave. It may be necessary to moisten the gel regularly during shaving, as it may dry out slightly. No additional gel is required after the first application.

Does this company make a women's version/scent of this gel?

There is only one fragrance today (07/19). With new fragrances in the works.

What exactly are the ingredients, and what percentage of lidocaine i offered?

Water/ eua, glycerin, aloe barbadensis flower extract, propylene glycol, carbomer, peg -40 hydrogenated castor oil, he, trethanolamine, dmdmh, parfum, tocopheryl acetate, fd&c green no.3. Those are the ingredients, I don’t know if it contains lidocaine but I don’t see it named in the ingredients.

can i use it on my balls ?

Yes you can, I use it to shave my head

Is this better than paccinos?

That's a subjective question. Try it and let us know what you think. Our innovative applicator bottle lets you apply without ever touching the customer. You'll know when you're running low thanks to the translucent bottle AND you won't find yourself digging for scraps - The bottle design lets you get 100% of the gel out with cutting it open.

Can someone list the ingredients?

Water, Glycerine, Aloe extract, Vitamin E, Peg-40, Carboner