Toilettree Products Water Resistant Stainless Steel Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer With Led Light Price: $15.25 (as of 12/11/2021 00:16 AM Details )

  • This large-high-quality cordless pruning shear on batteries with clear LED light is created of large-high-quality steel the light comes in helpful when you need to have to attain individuals challenging-to-attain and challenging-to-see hairs
  • With the light-weight, nonetheless impressive, rotating cutting method, the hairs can get into the trimmer tip from over and also from the sides, which is pretty valuable for loose hairs, not only in the nose but also on your eyebrows, beard and ears
  • Promptly from the box you can truly feel the distinction, the precision and the high-quality of this trimmer it gives a smooth finish with its large-high-quality stainless steel blades and offers you a great lower each and every time no agonizing hairs pulled
  • With our very best water-resistant style and design you can use this trimming instrument in the shower and clean it swiftly and effortlessly afterwards it is the very best trimming and cutting instrument you will ever knowledge from a men’s clipper product or service
  • This nose trimmer operates on only 1 AA battery (not incorporated), producing it an economically very affordable way to get care of the every day trimming demands of your nose , eyebrows and ears

can women use it

Absolutely, positive, yes! Don't listen to someone else who is trying to tell you, or they are stupid, or they have no idea. Every hair clipper can be used on a man or woman. Like the other poster said, her is her. Don't know too many women who need it for ear hair, but if you have it, go to town. Besides, as a woman I can't think of anyone else that we would need it. For you who are wondering ...

What’s the difference between the silver and gray models? They have different body styles, not just colors. Is one a newer model or what?

Yes but !!! In the photo they are completely different forms

is this thevpanasonic er401 nose hair trimmer?

no, it is made by toilettree and is the best i have ever used.

I am confused about the role of the led. how can this be of help to oneself? maybe to someone else trimming you. any idea?

It's to look up your nose for her ... it's dark in the cave.

Is it itchy when trimming? The panasonic one makes my nose itchy...

No, not itchy at all. The trimmer works great. I have used many different models and I highly recommend it.

How easy is it to cut yourself? Is it safe for ear hair? How can I be sure it will not cut something besides hair?

I have been using nasal hair for years. Never cut a skin, have protective guide so that you are safe. BELIEVE ME!!

Does the blade also cut from the top (end) or does it only cut from the sides?

Yes, it can cut from the top. It is also very easy to clean.

How does the warranty works?

I contacted toilettree about their warranty and this was their answer, We have replacement blades available for 3.95 with free shipping for when the blade becomes dull or damaged. Then the lifetime warranty covers the device itself. If for some reason it no longer works at all, a new trimmer will be sent to you without extra costs. We even add a prepaid return label for the damaged trimmer. I know nothing about you, but I am sold

will this work in the dark?

Yes, it has a built-in light.

Does the silver trimming piece get hot?

Just got mine and it DOES get hot. . . maybe it is defective? My only complaint is that it is getting hot; otherwise it works fine. . . just trim until I can't absorb the heat, let it rest a few on the counter and then use it until it gets hot again. . .

does the LED light turn off if not needed?

Yes when turned off

How do put in the batteries ?

Twist the bottom piece counterclockwise and pull. Reverse after inserting battery.

Gentle enough/work as an eyebrow groomer for women.

I guess you can try it, I haven't though !! I can say that it does a terrific job inside the nostrils without any tugging or discomfort. I just don't know how good it will be for the eyebrows since its designed for inside the nose. They would need to make a special attachment that could connect to the trimmer after you take the trimmer head off but I don't believe ToiletTree offers such a thing. If they did I would want to be the first so I could buy it.

I bought this on 8/20/16. it is now broken. i went online to order a new one and see that it has a lifetime warranty. how do i get a new one?

I’m sorry, I do not know. I suggest you contact Amazon and ask them or contact the seller and ask them.

I bought this on 8/20/16. it is now broken. i went online to order a new one and see that it has a lifetime warranty. how do i get a new one?

Sorry, I don't know. I suggest you contact Amazon and ask them or contact the seller and ask them.