Tinkle Hair Cutter

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  • Product Variety:Beauty
  • Item Package deal Dimension:eight.9 ” L X 2.5 ” W X 0.4 ” H
  • Item Package deal Excess weight:.25 lbs
  • Country Of Origin: China

Product Description

Dimension:1 Count (Pack of one)

D123 Tinkle hair cutter.

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Product Dimensions

2.5 x 0.5 x 9 inches 0.48 Ounces

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Has anyone used this to remove mats out of a long-haired cat?

Yes, that was the reason I got this article. It works ok - but could work better! but all in all it works. The cat has other ideas about sitting still before removing the mat - electric clippers are out of the question, so this is the best working solution for now.

i lost the instructions before i could attempt to use this, can anyone help?

the instructions are quite simple. The side with the greatest amount of blade exposed removes more hair than the shorter exposure side of the blade. play with it and you'll get the hang of it in no time. changing the blades is a simple task that you can easily see. loosen the locks, open the comb, remove the old blades and reattach the comb and close the locks

where do you get replacement blades? are they just standard double sided blades? can you still buy those??

they are standard double sided razors. I'm pretty sure you can still buy them, and if not, a whole replacement haircutter costs less than $3.50.

Can this be used to trim neck hair?

I cut my own hair and trim the back just fine. It takes some getting used to. I prefer the long-toothed comb overall versus the shorter side. I get better control and I like the look. It's not flattering.

Where is this made in?

Made in Korea

where do i get replacement blades

I've never seen any leaves for replanting here.

Is this a good product for non-professional cutting man's hair?

Yes, it's so great for trimming short hair!

How do you use it?

Comb your hair with the long side to trim a little bit of hair. Comb with the shorter side to trim more. It's easy.

Is this razor good for layering ( side bangs )?

I've seen a video of this comb used by a hairdresser to layer a woman's hair. I really don't know if you can make your own pony with this yourself or if you need someone to help you. I am a man and I am so happy to have found this magic comb. I use it once a week for two or three minutes to get my crew cut perfectly. I just lay it flat against my scalp and comb gently.

is it for cutting or thinning

I use I for both cutting and thinning my own hair. I have been cutting my own hair mostly for several years now because this amazing tool makes it possible. If I'm not happy with a cut someone else gave me, I can fix it myself in no time!