The Art of Shaving Unscented Shaving Cream for Men – the Perfect Gift, Beard Care, Price: $23.72 (as of 24/11/2021 10:41 AM Details )

Can this be used without a shave brush??

I'm sure you can rub it on the face but using a brush creates lather and is the way it should be used.

Is this made in USA?

It says "Assembled and Formulated in the USA". It may mean it's made in the USA, but some of the ingredients come from other countries.

I soak my shaving brush in hot water, dip into the this cream... it is sooo cold when i apply to my face..suggestions on how to get cream hot?

First of all, do not dip your brush in the cream. I run my brush under hot water from the tap. I then dab about a dime from the jar with my finger and wipe it on the soaked hair. I then lean over the sink (so it can catch any excess water) and turn the brush on my cheek. This creates a nice, thick, warm lather for the first pass with the razor. I apply it everywhere I want to shave. Then I set my brush upright on the sink rim, shave, and then lather again. I could even do a quick squirt of the brush under hot water - but be careful, you don't want to wash off the foam! In any case, at the second pass it is not so warm, but good enough. I hope this helps.

do they make a shave cream without any parabens in it?

As far as I know, the new batches are going back to the old ways with parabens in them. Here's a thread highlighting some products that are paraben free:

Is the unscented cream really unscented, or does it have any scent at all?

My husband says it has a light scent.

How long with a container usually last?

How long does a container usually last? Gosh, that really depends on how much shaving cream you use each time you shave. A little bit goes a long way, so try to use as little of it as possible, then your shaving cream will last a long time. Have fun shaving there!!!

Is it non comodogenic

I'd say "yes, in my case."

Can this be used with a safety razor?

It is certainly possible. I have used it with a razor for many years and have been shaving with a safety razor for over a year now. That said, I prefer Taylor or Old Bond Street. Art of Shaving is quite pricey by comparison and as far as I can tell it offers no other benefit other than a lighter scent.

Does it become transparent when you apply it? I prefer non-transparent, but I've had a hard time finding one.

The cream does not become transparent but rather becomes a rich white creamy foaming foam. Enables an AMAZING shaving experience. I have been using this product for years and especially love the unscented variety.

What type of consistency does this have? I am looking for a fragrance-free shaving cream that we could use for art projects (making foam dough, etc).

This is a real shaving cream. It lathers as much as soap when you rub it into your beard, but it doesn't lather like canned shaving products.