The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream for Men – Mens Beard Care, Protects Against Price:  $23.72 (as of 22/10/2021 04:00 AM Details )

This product seems expensive for shaving cream. But then, I'm just getting back into wet shaving after using electrics. How long does it last?

My husband uses this daily to shave for work. He has really sensitive skin and pimples have hardly come out since using this cream. A VERY little goes a LONG way when using a shaving brush. He will smear the cream on his brush at the beginning of the week and only "top up" it the following week. The makers of this product actually have professional hairdressers attached to their stores who use their products there on men… razor, hot towel and the works. That's what drew me to their store in the first place… I wanted to see what they would recommend for someone with acne-prone skin like my husband. He loves all their products so much that he bought me the lemon shaving cream to use when I shave my legs so I don't keep stealing his shaving cream. Haven't gone back to women's shaving cream since then!!

can we buy a shaving brush? Seller please answer'

Of course you can buy a brush. Amazon sells Art of Shaving sets, which include a brush, and also sells individual shaving brushes.

how many shaves does it last?

If I understand your question, it depends on how fast your beard grows. For me it's about three/four days. But I am also retired. If the question is how many shaves from a container - a lot - several months, I guess.

Do you have the the art of shaving in lavender cream?


Does the shaving cream come with a protective seal?

Brand new shaving cream should always have a protective seal and I have been using this cream for over 10 years. My recent Amazon purchase came without one, I'm returning it.

Is the product the same if you buy the cream from aos or from the amazon distributor? i was told it isn't.

well, first THE ART OF SHAVING is on the box----- just like they have on the ART OF SHAVING COMPANY SITE. if this was anything other than what it says it is. that false claim, nobody can do that. AMAZON has a duty to us as buyers to get what we want to buy. second I use this for < >year it's the best I've ever had in my < > shaving every day for years .PRORASO -- IS SECOND BEST -- cheaper. and your brush makes a shave even better. use silver tip badger hair high cost but love my last more than < > year. check out YOUTUBE ABOUT ALL SHAVING STUFF even the best way to shave your face the pros show you how . plus people try about every kind out of their. I even use Gillette knives. on youtube you can find out how to shave a knife for a month that is < > times. you just hold the handle with blade and push short strokes down about 20x on an old pair of jeans. it sharpens blade for everyday use. just like old western days. also just put a knife on an inch of soapy water in the cup until the next morning. it won't rust -- THE STAINLESS STEEL SHEET. JOE

Does this require all four steps or could it be used alone? has anyone compared it to jack black supreme cream?

I use the cream alone. Just a little on the tips of the brush and it explodes into rich lather. I did not use Jack Black cream

Do they all come with an inner curved container? Aka slack fill? See the lavender review to know what i mean.

I can't say for sure they all do, but I suspect they do. I have the sandalwood and it definitely has the inner curved container.

Can this be used with electric shavers?

Yes you can, I recommend using a little bit and preferably with a brush for a nicer lather (not pasty) and for a closer shave. The Ocean kelp line is specially made for electric razors. They have a pre-shave gel that softens the hair even more and protects it from friction.

I had a can of this cream but it seemed to evaporate and I didn’t get as many shaves as I would liked. Anyone else notice this?

I always kept the jar closed after each use. I had no problems getting good lather and lubrication until the last shave.