The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Beard Oil for Men, Protects Against Irritation and Razor Price: $25 (as of 11/11/2021 01:43 AM Details )

How long does this oil keep? 2 years? 3 years?

I shave 3 times a week. The bottle is still halfway through a year.

Is this pre-shave oil water soluble?

It seems to be

Is this an electric shave enhncer?

I do not think so. It is an oil that ensures that your razor blade glides over your face and that you shave smoothly and effortlessly.

Can you use with electric shavers?

This pre-shave oil is only used with safety razors and blades. When used with an electric shaver, the shaver will be gummed with oil over time.

How long does one 2oz. bottle of preshave oil last?

Depends on how much you use and how often you shave. This is a very high quality product, not diluted like lesser brands, so a little goes a long way. My favorite fragrance in the world!

Can you use this for shaving heads?

Do not see why not, worth trying as long as you use a razor and not an electric trimmer

Can this be used as a beard oil for beard care? Or only right before shaving?

I'm sure it's possible. It's just an essential oil, I'm pretty sure. They are usually multifunctional. However, I am growing a beard for the first time, so I don't know much about beard care. What I do know is that this sandalwood art of shaving pre-shave oil is the best-smelling product for men I have ever used.

I shave in the shower. Can thos be applied to an aready wet head, or does the surface need to be dry?

Moist head yes WET head no , what I do is when I get out the shower I dry off everything except my head then I apply the oil then shaving cream l.

Husband got as a gift, but he uses an electric shaver. Can this be used as an aftershave moisturizer?

No, this is an oil, designed for pre-shaving, to help “set up” the beard. It is long lasting, and I wouldn’t recommend using it as a pre-shave for an electric shaver, as it may gum up the blades. It is much thicker than a typical electric pre-shave lotion.

Does this product work well with African American skin

Yes. You might not think an oil product would work prior to lathering, but it helps to position hairs for shaving with your razor. I haven't had problems with razor bumps for years, but I'm sure this would have helped to eliminate them. I'm black and using the pre shave oil and the shave cream with a good badger bristle brush produces the best shave I have ever had.

What does it smell like? musky? we tried electra and freelet, both had this eucalyptus/lemonade kind of smell that which would irritate my nose

Definitely not eucalyptus or lemonade. Neither is it exactly sandalwood - It has sandalwood tones, but I detect a bit of rose/floral scent. For what it's worth, I find it quite pleasant, not overpowering, lasts well.

Can this be used on entire body

Sure, it is not toxic, but I would not recommend it. It is formulated (like most pre-shave oils) to do 2 things: First, soak into beard hairs and soften them for easier cutting. Second, provide a thin surface layer of lubrication. Thus, using it all over would give you plumper body air and a "greased pig" feel, with little or no real benefit to your skin. Use a dedicated moisturizer instead.

How long does this oil keep? 2 years? 3 years?

this lasts forever i use it from time to time and had it for at least 3 years.