Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl, 5.3-ounce

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  • Crème prepares your beard for shaving and moisturizes your face is
  • is A classic fragrance, with top notes of geranium, lavender, rosemary and liquid amber supported by a heart of carnation, fern and orange blossom, resting on a sumptuous base of patchouli, sandalwood, powdery musk and rockrose
  • Moisturizer with a plastic bowl to make foaming easy Sandalwood bowl,
  • the product with normal consistency is that of cream, it is recommended to store at room temperature, < > degrees Fahrenheit and < > degrees Fahrenheit, The cream will reposition during transportation and the manufacturer should leave a space between the cream and the top rim of the container and
  • The manufacturer recommends that, within < > months after opening
  • Crème prepares your beard for shaving and moisturizes your face, the
  • – Rich woody blend of exotic sweet-scented sandalwood and cedar, with lavender and rosemary for subtle florals and jasmine and rose, for a lively, seductive, confident masculine bouquet
  • IIncludes bowl makes the foam easy
  • Sandalwood Shaving foam Bowl

Product Description

Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream comes in a resealable bowl. Works best with a brush. Taylor's shaving cream has been deservedly famous since < > for its remarkably silky foam and delicate fragrances.

It says "shaving cream bowl"...is it a "bar" of soap that comes in a bowl or do you need a separate bowl?

This style of shaving is often referred to as "soap and a brush." With the hard soap bar (actually a round "bar"), you would run a wet brush over/over the hard soap to get some soap into the bristles. Then flip that over/over your face to work it up and cover it with a nice thick foam. This product is *shaving cream*, so much gentler. With shaving cream you have < > choices: < >. Use just like you would hard soap, but use a lot less as little goes a long way! < >. Dab some into a separate bowl, add a little hot H2O, work into a foam IN the bowl, then apply. < >. Dab a little into your damp fingers, let it foam and apply with the brush. Bowl is more traditional, but with a dripping wet brush and a good lather on the face you can skip the bowl if you want.

what are the advantages of a brush applied soap over aresol cream or gel.

The main advantage of a shaving soap compared to a gel is the hydration. A shaving soap moisturizes your beard hairs making them swell and easier to cut, with less irritation. Gels don't, making for a more irritating shave. Do this in the shower for extra moisture and warmth. Shaving soap usually lasts longer because you only need a little bit to make a lot of lather, which is cost effective. When you use a brush to apply the soap, do it vigorously to wake up your beard hairs so they stand up better, which equates to a closer shave. All in all, a shaving soap provides a superior close shave with little irritation.

what's the difference between shaving cream and shaving soap?

Good quality shaving soap will always provide a superior lather and consistency... but these are mostly artisanal soaps and require a lot more technique and also in the amount of water to soap ratio. Basically, it's easy to get consistent with a cream if you use your finger and eyeball in the same amount each time. This will give you an idea of how much water you should use after a few shaves. Use about the same amount of cream and make sure the foam has the desired consistency. Soaps can be easily overloaded or... VERY hard to load the brush especially if it's a hard puck of a triple milled soap like (Arlington fragrance is my favorite so far) DR HARRIS. It comes down to preferences and TOBS Sandalwood was my first "real" quality shaving cream and although I was initially put off by the smell, it was a strong and almost too traditional scent even for English soaps. It's my comfort fragrance if I had to pick just one. It used to give me a red, burning rash when I used it often, but now I don't shave every day, so I'm fine with it. After many years of DE shaving I still love my American craft soaps and they probably have the best soap base and foam protection you can get. However, I like the traditional English scents the most... a man of the three T's as they call it. With a tie really for 1st place as I really like DR HARRIS fragrances and quality soaps but the nod would go to TOBS because that sandalwood just grows on you so I have to buy another tub!!! Besides, I have WAY too much shaving cream and soap, but I'm not willing to pay the premium for better soap bases that won't affect my shaving results, provided I use the right blade/razor combination. Feather AS-D2 with a Feather blade and I'm done. Sorry for the rant... but you enjoy shaving too, because you have to do it anyway. 1) Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOBS) 2) DR HARRIS 3) Trumpers 4) Truefitt & Hill

Important Info lists Parabens, Product picture doesn't, have they changed formulas? If so, what is current?

I do not know? what are parabens? My husband has no problem with it and at least he experienced it < > containers of the sandalwood.

Is this a wrap cover or does the container come with a reusable cover?

Hi Anne, this cream comes with a reusable cover... you can even use the cream bowl as a shaving bowl.

How frequently are you using this and about how long is one bowl lasting?

I bought in June < > and now finally order again in March < >. I'm going to use the old container bowl as a scupper as my current one is a bit small. shave < > average per week. day and night better than can or other creams I have tried. you will not be disappointed.

Is this product supposed to smell like a bar of ivory soap? cause when i opened it that's immediately what i thought of.

Smells like an old fashioned barber shop to me. I don't get the ivory smell. Really good stuff though. Hung up when using proraso which is much inferior to this.

How does this compare to the TOBS sandal soap (which I've used and like)? For instance: T&H 1805 cream is way stronger/better than 1805 soap.

I couldn't tell you, I've only used the soap you buy at Walmart before using this, all I can say is I prefer the lather of this cream over my old soap, and the cream seems 100x better overall.

This is probably hard to answer without a comparison, but how strong is the scent? Some soaps smell as strong and enduring as a few sprays of cologne!

The smell is strong when opening the container but not when lathering and does not linger after rinsing in my opinion.

Could someone recommend an aftershave that goes well with this shave soap?

I agree with Sarah. I will also add that Jermyn Street is a light fragrance that falls into the green/citrus/fresh category. So there are a lot of aftershaves, I could imagine, that would go with that. I also believe that the Jermyn Street smell went away after maybe 20-30 minutes after shaving (for me), so basically any aftershave you like should be fine.