Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender Shaving Cream Bowl, 5.3-ounce

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  • English Classic
  • Shave Cream
  • 150 g
  • Lavender Shaving Cream in a bowl.

Product Description


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I shave maybe 2-3 times a week. Will the cream dry out over time? I was thinking about buying multiple scents but don't want to waste money.

You'll be fine. I usually switch between lavender and peppermint, using one and the other every day, this way I can get 12 months+ out of 2 tubs and the creams don't dry out or change consistency.

is the smell of this a little too feminine for a man?

My Jermyn Street cream is a good men's fragrance, IMO. Not feminine. Now, it's not in the quintessentially masculine woody/musky category. It's mostly citrus/clean smelling, without being too much of either. I think there are some woody notes in there, but they just go with the scent and are not overpowering. I think TOBS Sandalwood is actually feminine, with its heavy floral and soapy notes and a downplayed sandalwood scent. But I think I'm in the minority there.

What color is this cream?

It's light purple, you could say it's lavender!

Is the soap in this jar creamy or a hard soap?

This is a shaving cream with a rich, creamy texture. It's not a hard soap.

Can the empty container be recycled?

It's a heavy plastic I assume it can be recycled...that's what I plan to do when the day comes...things will last a really long time once you know how little is needed

How strong is the fragrance? Does it last long or fade quickly? I have Sandalwood & it's way too strong.

On a scale of 1-10, lavender is a calm 3. The post-shave scent lasts for about 2 hours. Unless I put lotion on my head after shaving, it goes away immediately. Sandalwood for me is an 8 which doesn't give too much strength but lasts long after shaving is over. I hope this helped

complete newby - what is the difference between shaving cream and shaving soap?

shaving cream is softer - the consistency of creamy peanut butter. Depending on the brand, it produces more luxurious lather than most soaps. It is also more expensive. Soaps are hard, just like a bar of soap.

Which do you prefer, this Lavender cream in the tub or the TOBS Lavender soap? I find I can whip up a lather easier with the hard soap.

I haven't tried TOBS's Lavender Soap yet, but have when I've tried other soap brands. However, I have always found it more difficult to get a good lather with soap. Maybe it's the brush, or maybe TOBS makes a very different soap. I'll have to try their soap though, and I'll get back to you with an experience rather than just a guess. Blessings.