Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin, 5.3-ounce

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  • English Classic
  • Light fragrance for sensitive skin
  • 5.3 Ounce Tub
  • Jermyn Street luxury shaving cream for sensitive skin in a resealable shell. Use with a brush, delicate fragrance.

Product Description

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How light is the fragrance? I have sandalwood currently and it's so strong it makes me feel like I just stepped out of Gandhi.

The scent of the sensitive formula is very mild and benign (a kind of creamy soap scent). I also don't like strong smelling things, and think this stuff fits the bill. I usually rely on aftershave for the fragrance when I want one.

Is the musk in this product synthesised, animal-based, or plant-based?


What exactly is the fragrance of this cream? I'd like to find a cologne that mirrors it: any suggestions?

Try the Jermyn Street Collection Alcohol Free Cologne for sensitive skin from Taylor or Old Bond Street. Same light scent. Also try Santa Fe. It is a much stronger fragrance than the cream, but the base notes are the same.

How does it works, I have the brush, do i need some sort of bowl? Or I just brush the shave cream

You can lather with the brush with a bowl, mug (even just a regular coffee mug), your hand, or even build up with the brush directly on your face.

Ingredients list? What is in this product.

Long list. You must refer to the manufacturer.

Should the plastic disc that comes between the top/lid and the bowl be discarded after arrival? Mine doesn't stay in the top/lid.

I always keep mine, but you can throw it away if you want. Sometimes it helps when traveling as it prevents the cream from moving in the lid when shaken around

Does the sensitive skin version smell like the original?

It has a very mild citrus scent. Very nice

Is there a fragrance free shaving cream available from Taylor other than the organic version which has doubled in price?

Sensitive skin has sent little to no real one, but gives you a clean scent and a close shave. It's the only one I've used that wasn't actually sent to it other than a clean soap scent

So, with this product, do you just dab a bit on a brush and go? Do you still use a cup with a brush with this?

I've used a cup to shave soap, but never for a cream like this. I never saw the need; just dab a little bit on your brush and work up the lather on your wet face and add water as needed.

If I don't have a brush, can I still use this?

Hi Daniel, Yes, you can use the product without a brush. The only meaning is that using the brush allows you to make more use of the shaving cream.