Taylor of Old Bond Street Alum Block

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  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight polyester
  • Snap closure
  • Machine washable
  • 45\” huge x 60\” long

Product Description

Betty Dain Restricted Adaptation Antique Gold Styling Cape

how would one store it in between uses and should you make sure its dry when stored??? if used every day how long will this block last?? thanks

Alum block usually dries fairly quickly It can be easily stored in its original packaging, plastic box, etc.

I shave my whole head. Would the block shape be difficult to apply to a round, hard surface? Seems like it is more for softer surfaces like a face.

I am also a head shaver. I put a small rubber band on the end so it doesn't fall off, and rub the end on my head and face. It seems to easily cover the entire surface easily. Just make sure your head and your block are wet.

How many grams

It seems they have erased the weight information. I have used mine for a while, but based on my order history, the weight is 2.65 oz = 75 grams.

Is an alum block like a styptic pencil? Does it leave white residue like a styptic pencil?

It will stop nicks and will not leave a white residue, but it will leave alum on the face which can dry out the skin, so it should be rinsed off after use. The best style I've ever used is a roll on. It works very well and does not leave a white mark.

Where is this made and is it a solid stone?

As a seller of men's personal care products for over 10 years, my best guess is this. It is probably made by osma, they are located in France. It is a solid block of alum. It is identical to the osma block, which is about half the cost. The same goes for the art of shaving the alum block, etc.

What kind of packaging does it come with? A plastic case? Just plastic wrap for shipping? Thanks.

Thanks for your question! This product comes in cardboard packaging and will arrive in a delivery note or box for shipping. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Is this cut from a larger, solid alum block or compressed from pellets/powder?

cut from a larger solid alum block