Taconic Shave’s Heavyweight All Metal Trac 2 (Trac Ii) Compatible Non-pivoting Twin Blade Cartridge Razor

Amazon.com Price: $24.88 (as of 24/11/2021 00:51 AM Details )

  • Heavy duty razor handle — weighs 3 ounces – blades slide on – no moving parts
  • All metal handle with rubber grip rings — Solid and sturdy. Please note this shaver does NOT have a rotating head (it is not like the ATRA). If you want a shaving head with no pivot point, this razor is for you
  • Fully compatible with Gillette's Trac 2 or Personna's Twin II blades
  • Provides a super close and extremely close shave thanks to the weight of the razor handle
  • Comes with LZY2 double blade cartridges with lubricant Stirp

Is this razor compatible with Trac II plus blades?

Yes, it is, and I always shave very close. I don't know why, but it's the best razor I've ever used and I'm in my 60s.

Is there any warranty on this product other than the Amazon 30 day return window?

I don't believe it comes with a warranty, but I've been using mine for about a year now and I'm very happy with it. I don't think it needs one. It's a great razor. Seems very well built.

does the head unscrew from the base or is it one piece?

It's one piece - the blades just slide on/off. Amazon has a great price for replacement blades.

i have gillette trac II plus razor blades will they fit this razor

I know from years of experience that you can't always believe what you read, but sometimes you just have to be a believer OR ask a stranger online and take your chances. According to the clearly marked product description I actually read to answer this mysterious question, YES, this well-designed shaver handle is designed to accept the Gillette Trac II blade mount without any compatibility issues. I've read it, so it must be true... right? And the beat continues.....

does the head pivot?

No, the head doesn't turn and that's the part I don't like. Also, the handle is very slippery and it gets tricky if you try to shave with wet hands!

Does this blade slide in or snap on?

clicks. I didn't buy this one but I just like the black plastic one. Once you know how to place the blades, it's easy the 2nd time and so on.

How do you efficiently clean the blades?

I just tap the edge of the sink and run under hot water. FYI, cartridge heads are a bit big and awkward to work around mustache, goatee, etc. However, if you're completely clean-shaven, this is a badass rig.

Does the cartridge "click" in place to prevent sliding, like the original?

The directions on the blade cartridge box say you can click the blades into the razor or slide them in. I find it easier to take the new blade out of the box, run the tracks along the side of the razor blade and just slide it into the shaving head. I have owned my Heavyweight Metal Chrome Razor 3 for years without any problem. No blade slipping or grip slippage (as some have called it), no corrosion....nothing. It runs as expected.

Is this handle made by Parker Razors in Canada?

I do not think so. You will not be disappointed with the weight and quality of this handle, wherever it is manufactured.

Is the handle stainless steel?

Yes, I believe so. Anyway, I've been using one for several months and haven't seen any sign of rust or corrosion. The handle is a little heavier than others I've used, but it gives good control. I recommend it and would buy it again.