Suprent® Adjustable Beard Trimmer, All-in-one Beard Trimmer for Men With Li-ion Battery, Fast Charge, Long-lasting Price: $23.98 (as of 12/11/2021 03:04 AM Details )

  • 【Adjustable Precision Dial Beard Trimmer】: 19 precision length settings in 0.5 mm steps provide ultimate keep watch over and precision on all beard lengths.
  • 【Trim Cleanly and Fast】: The powerful 3.6V DC motor working with the ultra-sharp 211 stainless-steel blade makes a clean and fast trimming.
  • 【LED Charging & Low Battery Indicator】: Equipped with overcharge, over discharge protection, the top quality trimmer indicates full charge, charging, low battery in the course of the led light.
  • 【High Capacity Lithium Battery】: Full charge in 1.5h, the quick charging 600mAh Li battery can deliver strong power as much as 90 mins of runtime.
  • 【SUPRENT 12 Months Warranty】: 5 years revel in specializing in beard trimmer products, SUPRENT provides best possible service for >100k customers in US & Europe yearly.

There are inconsistencies in the description. Are the blades titanium or stainless? 70 min runtime or 90? Why can't I find this model on mfr website?

211 stainless steel blade, 70 min run time. Hope this can help you.

How can i order a new guard? i love this trimmer, but the guard broke pretty easy and i’d like to get a new one so i can keep using the trimmer.

I also contacted the company and they sent me a free replacement. Extremely responsive and friendly customer service.

How do i get warranty service? My trimmer totally stopped after 5 months. Thx

my did not come with the ubs charger, I kept telling the suprent third party they just needed to send the charger, never came back to me, good poor trimmer Customer service, read my review. I contacted amazon customer service. They are so good, they asked me to send me a brand new trimmer and plug it in. All I needed was the $ 3.00 ubs item. good luck, complain to amazon they will handle it. like I said in the review, good product bad customer. serv.

How do i return the woner hair clipper i purchased?

While I have not had to return anything to an Amazon provider, I believe Amazon has a system for returning things either through Amazon, please contact Suprent directly through Amazon and ask them for help. Doug

How does it trim "difficult to reach" areas such as above the upper lip (beneath the nose)?

I have no problem, but I don't have a ton of hair and it doesn't reach my nose. But it works fine for me.

Can the Li-on AA battery be replaced if necessary?

No, you can't. Because this is a non-removable built-in battery.

Are replacement blades available for purchase?

just keep them clean, shouldn't need replacements, good product, poor customer service.

I need replacement plastic guard they break to easy, can you send me a replacement or two??

Enable your customer service. Some guards are supposed to be sent to me. I bought two of these and both protectors ended up broken

Can it charge from the car lighter plug?

It could be charged if the motor voltage is DC 3.6V.

Can it be charged with DC

You charge it the same way you would with your cell phone. You connect it to a USB power outlet or USB adapter.