Suavecito Premium Blends Beard Oil – Leave-in Beard Conditioner for Softening Hair, Hydrating Skin, Eliminating Price: $12.88 (as of 25/11/2021 00:00 AM Details )

  • Houty, smoky fragrance scented with cedarwood, patchouli, jasmine and whiskey accord.
  • Eeasy delivery system. We've replaced the traditional eye dropper with a pump, allowing for a cleaner and easier application.
  • M Made with organic argan oil, providing a thinner formula that applies easily to even the thickest beards.
  • Beal oil conditions and softens facial hair , promotes healthier beard growth.
  • Hydrates facial hair and skin, prevents and treats beard dandruff.

Product Description

Scent:Whiskey Bar

We've reimagined our bestselling beard oils. The same great formula you love now has an improved delivery system with a pump that makes it easier to get this nourishing product straight to your whiskers. Your favorite beard oil now lasts even longer in this amber bottle that extends its shelf life by protecting the product from harmful light. Our Premium Blends Beard Oils are used to protect your hair, soften your beard and heal damaged locks that can cause split ends and rough tangles.

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Product Dimensions

1.57 x 1.57 x 4.72 inches 4.55 Ounces

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Premium Blends Beard Oil





Does this product help with beard growth?

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. To have a healthy beard, you have to start with the basics (your skin). Not only will this help soften your beard, but it will also help keep the skin hydrated. So in a way yes. It CAN help with beard growth. But there's really no way to answer that question because there are more factors like age, genetics, etc. that can come into play. While this product helps existing beards grow healthier and softer, there is no guarantee that it will help beard growth if it is not in your genes to have a beard. I hope this helps.

Does this product contain paraffins?


Will this help grow your beard faster?

It is believed to help promote growth. I don't measure before and after. However, it is a great product and know several people who use and like it.

What are the full ingredients?

You should go to their website.

What is this product used for? How do I use it?

It is used to add softness and moisture to your beard and to add fragrance. Apply a few drops in the palms of your hands and spread evenly over your beard.

Why has the price gone from $11.98 to $20.48 ?

Covid clear! Supply and demand and gouging!

Does it contain soy?

Soy is not listed on the ingredient list on the package.

what are the ingredients?

Primary ingredient is argan oil I believe. There are also other oils and fragrances.

Is this brand cruelty free?


What are the ingredients? I don't see them listed.

It's a beard oil, argenine oil. Moisturizing cream for the skin.