Softsheen-carson Magic Men’s Grooming Beard Butter and Conditioner With Cedarwood Oil and Cocoa Butter, Moisturizing Price: $7.99 (as of 12/11/2021 00:44 AM Details )

  • Magic grooming beard butter for black Men Is helping to moisturize, soften and define your beard and hair to succeed in a superbly groomed look without compromising style or comfort
  • Conditioning- This beard butter is formulated with cocoa butter and cedarwood oil to supply softness and definition of your beard and hair
  • Textured hair and beard care product- men’s grooming beard butter will moisturize and condition your textured hair and beard at the same time as helping with manageability too.
  • Ingredients- magic men’s grooming beard butter is formulated without a mineral oils, No drying alcohols, and no Parabens
  • For men’s’ Grooming needs-from shaving to hair color, facial hair products, pomade and hair moisturizer, in finding the goods in particular formulated for black Men that fit your grooming routine.

Product Description

Our new magic grooming range is simply as just right on your growing facial hair as it’s on your skin underneath. From slightly of scruff to an entire grown beard, condition and soften to fail to remember beard Envy and own The beard you have got. Check out all 4 new products- beard filler, 3in1 facial wash, facial scrub and beard butter. Packaging might vary

I just ordered 2 brands of beard softener and the magic beard butter came unsealed and half empty. the other one was wrapped and sealed. is this norm?

Just got mine today and the same WITHOUT a seal and the container looked half empty like someone had been using it! I am not happy with this at all.

Is it vegan?

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Magic Beard Butter with Almond Oil. The L'Oréal Group, which includes SoftSheen-Carson, is always vigilant in respecting the personal choices of its consumers around the world and therefore offers a very wide range of products to meet their diverse beauty needs. L'Oréal does not use any ingredients. rare or endangered animal species, or any ingredient of porcine, bovine or ovine origin; Except for lanolin (which is extracted from live sheep). We use derivatives of raw materials of animal origin in restricted quantities, such as honey, beeswax, lanolin, as well as derivatives of fish and derivatives of poultry eggs.

is this a leave-in conditioner or something you have to rinse out after putting on?

Hello! We welcome your interest in Softsheen-Carson Magic Men's Care Conditioning Beard Butter. How to Use: Apply the Magic Beard Butter to your beard and hair and work thoroughly. Reapply throughout the day as needed to condition, smooth and aid manageability. Do not rinse. Thank you very much for choosing SoftSheen-Carson.