Sirabe 10 Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Set, Professional Haircut Scissors Kit With Cutting Scissors,thinning Scissors, Price: $19.99 (as of 09/11/2021 20:40 PM Details )

  • EXTREMELY SHARP BLADES: Made of 100% Japanese (420) stainless steel with Has very good performance with a purpose to not damage or split hair ends. Convex edges for a smooth cutting action, perfect for slicing wet or dry hair.
  • PROFESSIONAL COATING AND LATEST DESIGN: Professional Hair Cutting Shears Scissors is made with Contemporary Design for professional use in addition to personal use. Its professional Coating prevents the steel from rust. Dispose of-ready finger inserts.
  • DESIGN OF SHOCK ABSORBER ADHESIVE:shock absorber on the end of maintain can effectively reduce wear and noise due to maintain collision.
  • ADJUSTABLE SCREW: Hair cutting scissors with round, adjustable screw system gives a better required tuningAnd reduce noise.
  • Rich Gifts-A: Pair of precision micro serrated scissors and a pair of conventional scissors, two clips, a comb, a salon capes, a cleaning cloth,thinning comb, a collection bag,a Regulator.

Product Description

Sharp scissors will have to be treated with care, please avoid youngsters.

Are the scissors made in China?

I didn't check it but I don't think so because they are very well made, super sharp, they almost cut my finger, very precise, great grip. : -)

Which scissors are preferred for cutting split ends?

Regular smooth edge shears will cut all split ends while the texturizing pair will cut some but not all split ends.

Are these forged or cast shears?

hello, the scissors blades are forged and the handle of the handle is cast.

How do I latch the cape closed around the neck?

The picture of the cape closure on top of the age clearly shows velcro AND they mention the word Velcro, but you say it has no velcro closure?

I just bought this product. Are the pair of scissors with teeth used for thinning out hair or texturing hair?

I think for thinning, but it should also work for texturing. I will say they are cool and very sharp. Do it little by little because they get the job done and it is possible to thin / texturize much faster.

Is this cave cover the back side too?

Yeah, I don't see why you couldn't use the layer side !! It is tied around the neck! I hope I have answered your question

What is the round steel thing that comes in the kit?

It is to tighten the soccer screws :)

can you wash the cape?

Yes, it is 100% waterproof