Scruffy Jack’s Wooden Beard Comb With Case – Fine and Coarse Teeth Price: $2.99 (as of 19/11/2021 01:42 AM Details )

  • GREAT FOR BEARDS, MUSTACHES AND EVEN SCALES – The perfect wooden comb for detangling and styling all hair types! Built with dual action fine and coarse teeth which are great for spreading product evenly. Contributes to even, shiny and attractive looking hair A well-groomed beard gives you the confidence to conquer the world. Comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to carry and keep clean. Our beard comb is perfect for applying oils and balms. For the health of your beard it is necessary to stimulate your hair follicles. Each wooden beard comb is made with care. The thick and fine tooth finishes can go through any hair or the beard thickness can go through any hair or beard thickness You look soft and refined. One of the best beard combs for men. Great addition to your beard kit or as an extra gift for dads, husbands or fiancees
  • SAY NO TO MESSY BEARS – Scruffy Jack's natural wooden beard comb is a solution to all your beard problems! It helps you detangle and manage your beard effortlessly. By combing your beard once in the morning and evening, you're good to go.

Product Description

Natural wooden beard comb with durable pouch

Maintaining and keeping your beard in top condition can be a challenge, especially if you don't have the right accessories to work with. Fortunately, this wooden beard comb from Scruffy Jacks detangles the hair and helps distribute the product evenly.

Most people have trouble applying their hair or beard care products because they don't distribute them well. Using this beard comb will help you in this task so that your beard grooming session runs smoothly.

Moreover, you can take this wooden beard comb with you everywhere. It comes with a handy pouch that protects it from the elements so you can detangle and maintain your beard while on the go. Consider using Scruffy Jack's balms, oils and butters to see the best results as they will help the comb slide through the beard like a hot knife in butter.


  • Includes Handy Carrying CaseYSAKYB1YSVCKYB1Construction:

    • Includes Handy Carrying CaseYSAKYBURHHKYB1Wooden Comb1W aesthetic Design
    • Arrives sealed Hygiene
    • Double sided fine and coarse Bristles
    • Hypoallergenic for Perfect beard Care
    • Pocket Size beard and mustache comb for use on-the-Go


    • Unlike plastic, the wooded beard comb produces reduce static electricity
    • Wood hair breakage and damage to the face hair
    • Our beard comb is gentler on the scalp than metal or plastic
    • Helps evenly distribute oil from the skin on your hair and distribute beard products

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6.97 x 4.61 x 0.71 inches 1.45 Ounces




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