Remington Ne3845a Nose, Ear & Detail Trimmer With Cleanboost Technology, Black Price: $11.39 (as of 12/11/2021 00:07 AM Details )

  • Clean BOOST Generation – Blank blades from the interior out to handle peak performance
  • Watch one hundred% Water-resistant – Groom in or out of the shower with wet/dry Generation. Makes for simple cleaning, too
  • Eyebrow comb calmly trims eyebrow hair
  • Comfort Trim Blades – Assist save you nicks and cuts

Product Description


Keep the main points in check with the Remington Nose, Ear & Detail Trimmer with Clean Spice up Technology. In or out of the shower, this battery-operated trimmer quickly and comfortably gets rid of unwanted hair the use of Comfort Trim Dual Sided Blades. Clean Spice up Technology is our exclusive washout system. Just press the Clean Spice up button to open the blades and wash them from the interior out to take care of peak performance. The included rotary trimmer has a skin-friendly design that delicately trims nose and ear hair. This trimmer is absolute best on sideburns, eyebrows, ears, and nose. The included eyebrow comb makes it simple to frivolously trim your eyebrows.

Where is this made?

The NE3845 is manufactured or assembled in China.

Is it possible to purchase a replace blade for this?

Yes. Please contact us at [email protected] so we can better assist you.

How to clean round trimmer head? They boast inside out cleaning but that's for the facial hair attachment. How about the round nose attachment?

For both cutters that need additional cleaning, the Cutter head can be removed by turning it 1/4 inch counterclockwise and pulling it out. Then blow out the accumulated hair or rinse it more thoroughly under running water.

Will this work for the fine hair deep in the Ear Canal?

I can fit this to remove nasal hair and I think it would also be suitable for your ear canal. I would recommend that someone else help you with this and that you tilt your head down so that the shaved hairs don't fall back into the ear canal. That would drive me crazy!

Can you use it for details on your hair? I want a trimmer that I can use to clean up the lines of my undercut

This has not been proven to be the case.

How do you power this device on/off? Is it a button, switch, or twist on/off?

Has an easy touch on / off switch.

how do you change heads?

If you place your hand on top of the device around the blade and twist it like a bottle cap, the blade can modify the new attachment.

How many RPM?

That information is proprietary.

Will this work for smaller nostrils? Funny question but..

yes, it should work fine

Where can i find the replacement heads?

Call Remington customer service