Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black Price: $52.84 (as of 26/11/2021 18:00 PM Details )

  • Pivot and Flex foil technology Stays close to the skin for smooth results
  • Rechargeable battery 60 minutes of cordless use
  • Pop-up Detail trimmer For the finishing touch on your facial hair and sideburns
  • Easy to clean Washable under the tap; Charging time 2 hours; Voltage: Worldwide

Product Description


SHold close to the Remington F5 Foil Shaver with Intercept Shaving Technology. The 3 step-cutting system uses the intercept tool for pre-trimming longer hairs and two flexible foils for a close shave. Plus, get up to 7 days of DVAE shaving between charges with the rechargeable battery that delivers 60 minutes of cordless use. The Remington F5 combines power and technology for a great shaving experience.

Can this razor be used by women for shaving legs????

Another lady asked a similar question. I'll share the same advice I shared with her... I'm not sure how this power supply would work for a woman. I don't gamble very well. But I'm a man, so I'm just guessing. However, my wife uses the "Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade 'Close Curves' Wet/Dry Shaver". It's not very expensive, it's sold here on Amazon. She says it's a pretty good little razor for times when she's in a rush. Sure, a hot foam razor is better, but if you're short on time and want to be presentable, it's great. That's mainly why I have the Remington F5-5800A. It does not give a close shave. And my skin is sensitive to many electric razors that do give a close shave. So I use this Remington when I'm short on time, it's great. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you.


ok.. are you ready?? I have found as well as others. If you apply regular white toothpaste to the blades and screen when they are dry and run the razor for about 20 seconds. And then rinse with soap and water, your blades should be like new for a long time.

Is the battery Li-ion or NMHi? Thanks

If anyone is still interested in this product, it uses a NiMh battery, not Lithium. I bought my F4800 in 2017, and the battery died in March 2020. This is the normal life of a NiMh battery (and some lithium batteries). I may have considered replacing the battery myself, but it didn't look easy to disassemble. In addition, the screen was worn out for the 2nd time, so I decided to buy a new shaver instead (not the same model). Being the conscientious man that I am, I didn't want to throw away the product with the battery, as it could be a landfill hazard. So I went to take the razor apart - piece by piece until I found the batteries. This is when I found out that the battery is NiMh. They are two 1.2V cells in series. And if anyone remembers to change the battery, forget it. The shaver is very difficult to disassemble. I took it apart by destroying it (because I threw it away anyway). Hope this answers the NiMh vs Lithium for this product once and for all. And I hope that newer models (maybe not these) will have lithium batteries.

I am looking for a shaver that will shave my head bald, any suggestions?

The BEST head shaver I've ever seen is I use their HeadSlickshave cream for regular facial shaving. So soft. I have this cheap electric razor. It shaves very well. I've used it as an odd day shaver and a travel shaver. As a wet shaver I never use foam. It's Cremo Shaving Cream or HeadSlick. Wet face, apply Cremo or HeadSlick, shave with the 5800.

can you shave with razor plugged into wall electrical outlet?

yes you can shave with the shaver connected, but it is not necessary. The charge lasts almost a month if you shave with the plug from the socket. There are a series of lights on the shaver that indicate the level at which it is charged (ie 100%, 80% etc.)

what kind of rechargeable battery does it have--is it Lithium ion or other?

It's a different type of battery and it's not lithium, but it lasts quite a long time for me and that's because I use it every day. I would say it will take me over a week, so about a week to a week and a half. Hope that helps! For this charger and price it is definitely a still! I bought expensive Phillip norelcos for $100 or Brauns for $100 and they don't even shave as good as this one!

Is it wet to dry

This is not a wet/dry shaver. The shaver must be wet/dry and suitable for use with water, soap/shaving cream and in the shower. You can clean the heads with water once you have removed the head.

Is this shaver very quiet when in use?

No, not VERY quiet. But much quieter than previous Remington razors I've owned. Certainly easy to tolerate. More of a hum than anything.

Can I use this to shave my pubic or private parts without hurting myself or bleed? I'm a man btw

You may have to go to a "pro" for this service! For the best shave, just use a straight blade, grin and "bald", I mean wear it! If you're bleeding, just put some rubbing alcohol on the cut to prevent infection and you'll be better in no time!

how do you remove foil head to clean inside of remington f5-5800a ?

On the plastic piece that holds the foil head, there are three ridges on the front and three ridges on the back. Place your thumb on the ridges in the back, and your index finger on the ridges in the front and pull upwards. I hope this helps!