Rechargeable 3 Way Mirror for Self Hair Cutting Tools With Height Adjustable Mirror With Light Price: $49.99 (as of 10/11/2021 01:14 AM Details )

  • Rechargeable and with light: We have upgraded the function of the 3 way mirror. A light belt and lithium battery are installed on the mirror, to be able to see clearly if you find yourself having a haircut.
  • 3 Way Mirror design – Self hair cutting has never been easier. Thanks to our 3 way mirror, it is possible for you to to comfortably see back of head and get the perfect DIY haircut every time,more perfect than 2 way mirror.
  • Save time and money– Trips to the barber are time consuming and expensive. Now you’ll be able to easily cut your own hair at home in minutes so you’ll be able to spend your time and money doing what you love.
  • Real glass,no fog,no distortion – We use real glass for three way mirrors so as to at all times give you a clear and realistic reflection. Other similar products continuously feature acrylic mirrors instead,Use the self cut mirror to clearly see every corner of your head, and it can also be used to shave the side beard.
  • Adjustable and easy to carry – Thanks to its strong adjustable brackets, all you want is a door to position our 3 way mirror at the perfect height. And it easily fits into your suitcase, when traveling you’ll be able to keep your haircut fresh!also consumers please rest assured to buy, if you don’t seem to be satisfied with our 360 mirror, we will be able to return 3 way mirror for free.

Is it sturdy?

yes, very strong, do not worry about falling

Will this mirror hook over a shower curtin rod?

Yes, the telescopic hooks that are removed from the back of the mirror will fit over a shower curtain. But I wouldn't recommend doing that, the hooks seem to be made specifically for a door. (1) the mirror is probably too heavy for a tension rod you might have in the shower. (2) the hooks would not fit well on a round surface. (3) the mirror would hang at an angle, no door to keep it hanging at a 90 degree angle.

Does 3 way mirror have a charging function?

yes, this 360 MIRROR is equipped with a lithium battery, which can be repeatedly charged.

can i sit this on a table if i dont have a door to hang it on?

Yes, but it also comes with some hooks to attach to the wall

How long does it take to charge to full ? How long will battery last before it needs to be recharged?

I have honestly never died since I got it, I only charged it for about 15 minutes and it lasted 1 hour because that's how long it took to cut my hair and it still wasn't dead

Will I be able to see the back of my head clearly or do I need a 4th mirror?

Honestly, if you get the correct angle in the mirror, should be fine, but personally I would use an additional mirror to better see the back of your head. That's what I do and with the 3 mirrors I get a cleaner vision for the cut

Does this 3 way mirror have lights?

YES, very bright

Can you use this with the door closed ?

You can close it but not completely.

How to use 3 way mirror?

You can hang it on the door, there are hooks on the mirror.

Does the 360 mirror have lights?

Yes, it has lights built into the center panel. It works very well...