Razorock Alum Stick – 60 G – After Shave Stick – Natural Healing and Toning

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  • SKIN SOOTHING: RazoRock is an aftershave stick that soothes the surface and is helping stop minor bleeding from nicks or cuts by closing skin pores, leaving you with smooth, calmed skin. RazoRock may even be used as a facial toner.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: RazoRock is created from potassium alum mineral salts, which can be naturally antibacterial.
  • DEODORIZING: RazoRock can be used as a deodorant, offering protection from odors for as much as 24 hours.
  • ECONOMICAL: Only one RazoRock stick can last you a couple of months to a year.
  • NATURAL: Razorock is natural and biodegradable. It is usually hypoallergenic and without fragrance.

Product Description

This 2.15 ounces / 60 grams RazoRock is a natural mineral salt block that serves as an after-shave healing and antiseptic stick, used post-shave to calm and heal the skin. RazoRock soothes razor burn, relieves irritation and can also help stop the bleeding from a cut or nick. To use your RazoRock on cuts or nicks, wet the alum block and hold it on the cut for 30-40 seconds. Since RazoRock is bactericidal, it can be used as a deodorant. Simply apply to the under arms after bathing or showering for 24-hour odor protection. Because of its odor-repelling properties, RazoRock can also take away odors like fish or garlic from hands. It can even help with foot odor! RazoRock can be used as a facial toner when you’ve got oily skin or are susceptible to acne. To use as a toner, wet the RazoRock and rub it gently on to skin before bed each and every night. RazoRock is made from Potassium Alum mineral salts, that have been used safely in products for thousands of years, so you’ll feel comfortable about its safety and efficacy. RazoRock Alum block is non-staining and accommodates no alcohol or parabens. After the usage of RazoRock, your skin will feel soft and soothed, with no greasy residue.

Is this a solid alum block, or is it compressed like the lesser Chinese stuff?

When looking at it, it looks like smaller pieces pressed together to form the shape. Although it works very well. I will say that this is the first block of alum I have ever used.

what is the most effect way of applying this to your face after shaving for best results?

Run the top of the stick under water for 3-5 seconds. Then rub / apply to the shaved area. Let dry for 30-60 seconds and then wash off with cold water.

Can this also be used as a deodorant?

Alum has natural antiperspirant and antibacterial properties and has been used as a deodorant for thousands of years. Please note that it is odorless. Nor would I use the same block of alum on my face that I had been rubbing under my arms ...

Does this burn when applied to a nick or cut?

Hell yeah, it'll depend on the irritation just a little bit on cuts though.

Is this only for men or can women use it in the bikini area without stinging?

I don't do a "Bikini Area Shave", but it doesn't suck when I use it on my face. I usually use it every day when I shave, especially in hot, dry weather. Good luck.

Where is this made?


How is it used, dry?

I got my face and stick wet a bit. This way it glides easily on my face.

The picture looks like it has an applicator/handle (like the old ban roll-on). is it an applicator or am i seeing things??? i

Yes, the alum is mounted on a base that makes a handle. It doesn't twist in or out, or anything like what deodorant would do. The domed cover rotates on the base about 1/4 turn, making it travel friendly. At home, I simply leave the cover to dry after use.

What is the actual size of the alum by itself?

Small box approximately 1-1 / 2 inches square and 3 inches long.

Is this packaged in plastic or a biodegradeable?

Hello, it is a cardboard box, and the Alum bar is inside a plastic housing (not biodegradable), resistant and helps to keep the Alum dry and we will be protected. It is a good and very convenient, perfect for traveling.