Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl – Refresh, 5.2 Oz Price: $10 (as of 25/11/2021 03:20 AM Details )

Is this the type where you can moisten the brush and dip the brush directly into the can itself, or do I take a little out and put it in my hand or bo

I dip the brush in it immediately, the soap is quite firm in the container. One container lasts almost a year (shaving every other day).

Can you use this without a brush?

It wouldn't foam well. I would say NO. You can rub it in with your wet fingers and apply it on your face. It would be like rubbing soap on your face. Buy a bristle brush. A cheap one from a pharmacy would cost about $6-$10 in the US. Like here.,or. r_cp.&bvm=bv.67720277,d.aWw,pv.xjs.s.en_US.u4s5c7_Kv3Q.O&biw=1024&bih=672&tch=1&ech=1&psi=ZLqAU--VJsaSyASYASYlILwDg.DUK7YGMY.

Does this soap contain Parabens, BHT, and Propylene Glycol?

Sorry it took so long, I was out of town for two weeks. I've looked at the ingredients and as far as I could tell, none of the ingredients you're concerned about is in the product. I have gone through three jars of this product with nothing but good results. You can also look up ARKO, it is similar and made in Turkey. This product is made in Italy. I have used them both and they are both very good shaving soaps.

Does the lid on the bowl screw on so that it is tight for travel, or does it just press on?

The lid is a push on the lid. It stays pretty tight. The amount is more than the 2.5 to 3 oz. size allowed for carry-on, so unless you put it in checked baggage, you can't take it with you. If you do end up in your checked luggage, that should be fine, but I'd recommend putting in a plastic bag just to be safe. If you're flying in a private plane, I think you'll be fine. Things don't get tossed around that way that often, although I think it goes without saying. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can assist you further.

About how many shaves on average can you get from a 5.2 oz. jar?

Mr Ryan, Frankly it depends on how you load your shaving brush. I can say from personal use that a 5.2 oz jar will last a few months. However, it is all based on you as a user. Are you loading your brush to the max? Are you loading your brush just enough to get a "good" lather for you? These are personal preferences. It's like going to the movies and ordering popcorn while the guy next to you orders popcorn for extra butter. What I can say is that I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy Proraso. Don't mess about using things. Proraso will last a long time. Thank you

Does this have an expiration date? How long can you keep this unopened?

There is no expiration date on the product. I have other shaving soaps that I have used for years with no problem of them deteriorating in effectiveness. I would recommend that you store it in a closet or other place where it will not be directly affected by sunlight or heat.

Would you lather in the container, or should you get a bowl to put this in? I'm new to this and am gathering supplies.

You can just foam in the container. I just wet my brush with warm/hot water and turn the brush in the holder in a circular motion once from 2 to 3. I always get enough foam with this method.

is this a solid like I expect it to be or is it a soft soap? Thanks

I think it's a gentle soap, or "croap", a combination of a cream and soap (I think Proraso green was made in a pure cream version by CO Bigelow). Whichever version you get, it's great stuff and is the go-to soap for tons of wet razors, including me!

new to wet shaving while not ready to take the whole plunge with straight or safety razor can I use a Dorsco pulse 4 or any gilette razor to shave ?

You can use any knife you want. When I REALLY want a close shave I use the Gillette Mach 5 (Walmart knockoff) type... you can get a pack of 5 blades/grips for $5. If I want to do it cheap, I use my single-blade safety razor.

Will the scent of this soap conflict with after shaves with different scents? Such as Pinaud's Bay Rum after shave?

It's not necessary for me. Immediately after shaving, I splash my face with cold water a few times. You will then feel the cool, fresh feeling of the menthol. It also takes away most of the odor.