Proraso Shaving Cream for Men, Refreshing and Toning With Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil, 5.2 Ounce Price: $10 (as of 22/10/2021 03:40 AM Details )

What's the proper way to apply this? Or rather, do I need a brush/bowl to put this on?

Use a brush and a bowl - squeeze the bowl only 1-2cm, moisten the brush with warm water, then stir the cream for 1/2-1 minute to foam before brushing. Save some for your second pass.

Is the cream suppose to be runny when it comes out of the tube? I have not had any luck bringing it to a lather with a Omega Synthetic shaving brush in a bowl. (I have watched the YouTube video's)

Mine is not liquid. It comes out like a whipped cream texture, maybe a little thicker and heavier. It's not thick like toothpaste, but it's definitely not runny. It should be as you would expect from a cream. Never used a synthetic shaving brush, only badger hair and it works very well.

Is this shaving cream still good to buy if your using an ordianry Mach 3 razor?

Proraso "Green", as it is known, is a smooth, creamy, cooling cream that can be used with any wet shaving razor. I would highly recommend brushing on to build up a good protective foam, but can be hand applied if needed.

I cannot find the full list of ingredients, I even checked the Proraso website but nothing. Can anyone please read off the full list of ingredients?

I can't read them -- it's in Italian. But I do understand the words Eucylptus and Menthol. Not overpowering in scent. Lathers nicely and a good, close shave. Try it - you will like it!

i cant figure out if this is a pre shave, shave or post shave. unfortunatly i dont speak spanish.

Pre shave it's shave cream

can this be used for women shaving?

It can be used for women's shaving but I'm not sure it can be used for women's shaving.

Because of the oil content, does this cause pimples? Anyone have that experience?

The oil is emulsified, as in soaps. Ever seen Fight Club? All soaps are made from some type of lipid (fat or oil), and the process of making the soap changes the oil. Although this is a shaving cream, it is essentially a gentle soap. So no, the oils are very different when they are in the form of soap and do not cause acne.

Do the tubes expire after some time? I bought two and hope the second tube wont go bad before needing it.

I don't see an expiration date on my tube. It may have been one of the boxes, but I don't have it anymore.


You could use this on your testicles, but the menthol will likely give you a slight burning sensation. On second could be a great experience. Go for it!

made in which country