Proraso After Shave Balm, Sensitive Skin, 3.4 Fl Oz Price: $16 (as of 11/11/2021 01:55 AM Details )


i ad asked if this was a liquid or a balm and got two different answers. One said it was a liquid and the other said it was a balm. Which is it?

ABE G response is incorrect. I ordered based on him, thinking it was a transparent liquid. This particular balm is white opaque. Similar to a skin lotion but thinner. It is difficult to say it from the white product on a white background in the photo. It is not a transparent liquid after shaving, like Aqua Velva.

The ingredients listed in the picture are different from the ingredients listed under Important Information. Which is the correct list?

The front label in my bottle has anything related to sensitive skin. The top of the front label has dark and white strips. The label itself is in Italian. The English translation in the back indicates, "after the shaving tone lotion with eucalyptus oil and menthol". It seems to me that it is very refreshing with a subtle aroma. My skin is quite sensitive, but I have not had any problems with this lotion. I suppose the ingredients of the label are correct. I just verified this link and the image is the same as the bottle I have ... http: // dp / b0085uecy2 / ref = sr_1_4 ? S = HPC & IE = UTF8 & IE = UTF8 & QID = 1434409764 & SR = 1-4 and keywords = No

Is this antibacterial?

No. It is thinner than the ketchup. It flows quite easily for a new bottle. When it runs close to vacuum, the cream / balm tends to cling to the glass sides. Some smoothies get the rest of the bottle.

Any problems trying to get this balm/cream out of a tiny, rigid/non-squeezable glass bottle (like a new bottle of ketchup)?

Proraso my mind is very refreshing without feeling that it is burning the face, so Igo to cool off. I think the cream smells a bit stronger.

Refresh vs Sensitive...what's the difference? Do they smell the same? Which one do people like more? Thanks

The ingredients are not in the bottle, but they are in the can box, the set entered. The benzyl alcohol is in fact on the list, although towards the bottom. I can say that the balm continues as a very soft lotion without burns.

the picture of the back of the box says "no alcohol," but just above, in the ingredients, it says "benzyl alcohol." which is it?

Sometimes they are sent with foreign containers, but live ingredients are found for interchangeable labeling despite labeling. E.

The picture does not match the image of the one I have - is this the anti-irritation version? The ingredients seem to match, but the image does not.

Yes, but it's a fairly expensive way to moisturize. Better to use after shaving.

Can this be used as a regular moisturizer?

I have approximately 40 shaves for a bottle. This after Shave Balm is the best for my skin. It is soft and soft and leaves the skin very soft.

How long does a bottle last you? my proraso shave soap/creme last forever! is the after shave balm equally long lasting as in a lttle dab will do ya

If you want a quality moisturizer, you must obtain Kiehls facial fuel. Prore works better as a cream after shaving.

Can it be used as a moisturizer