Proraso After Shave Balm, Refreshing and Toning, 3.4 Fl Oz Price: $16 (as of 17/11/2021 02:12 AM Details )


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So this being alcoholic free I can apply directly to my shaved skin?

I do not tolerate alcohol on my freshly shaved skin. Proraso has been my solution.

So is this the original formula or a new version?

original formula from italy

How quickly does this absorb into the skin?

Being a balm, it gets wet and slippery and needs to be massaged into the skin. It is cool and refreshing and absorbs well, unlike a cream or lotion.

Is this a cream? I also saw that they make this in a clear liquid lotion, which one is this?

It's a cream, not clear. I have not used this one much as I have found that I like the scent better in the attached link. But when the ingredients are the same, the performance just can't be beat, I use it after every shave! ref=pd_sim_194_5?ie=UTF8&refRID=1KK4VDY0SVE5RKADCTSX

How would you describe the scent?

The label says it's a Menthol & Eucalyptus balm, but I have to say that the scent is a bit different than I expected, probably because I based my idea on the Proraso pre-shave cream I've been using for many years. Honestly, it's hard to describe the scent, but sure, on my skin, it lasts about 15 minutes and is very mild. On the other hand, I enjoy all the benefits of this balm because it absorbs quickly, is refreshing and effective on razor burns.

Does it smell good?

Yes. I smell good. Proraso's products have been around for many years and are all of high quality. The balm works really well.

What is the best way to keep my skin healthy in between shaves?

We are writing from Bigelow Trading, the only officially appointed distributor of Proraso in the US. Great question! Happy to help... We recommend a simple, yet consistent skincare routine: cleanse, moisturize and protect. We love the CO Bigelow Face Care for a super easy, back-to-the-basics regimen. Clean daily with a mild soap-free cleanser. You can add a toner to refresh and neutralize (and remove any remaining residue) if you think you need it (or really love that squeaky clean feeling). Moisturize with a little lightweight moisturizer and always use sunscreen every day (even during the fall and winter!) to protect against the elements. also recommend exfoliating once a week (or as needed). The Proraso Exfoliating Beard Paste and Facial Scrub is great even if you don't have a beard. It helps remove dead or dull skin that can clog pores, ultimately leading to a closer shave with less chance of ingrown hairs. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Will this help prevent razor bumb/burn induced acne? I'm looking for something soothing that can prevent this around my jawline.

yes, it will help with razor burn and irritation as well as acne from shaving. it worked wonders for me! I had all 3 problems, but I have a very thick and wiry beard. it helped with all those problems.