Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors/shears (Silver) Price:  $6.99 (as of 25/11/2021 23:40 PM Details )

  • 100% stainless steel is used for high quality and durability
  • HHand-made blades provide optimum control and balance
  • Anon-slip handles provide a comfortable grip
  • Features super sharp blades for easy hair trimming
  • Kquality construction for a clean cut every time6PZPO

Where are these made? What is the country of origin?? Thanks!

It wasn't the country I thought I'd get them from. I asked in my search for German-made and ended up with some third world country. Maybe Parkinson's. I don't really remember. But I know they weren't German made.

It says “non-slip handles”. Is there any rubber or non slip material inside the holes for the fingers or is it just stainless steel?

They fit great, the holes are not too small, in fact, I just had my husband cut a spot on the back of my head! They come with rubber inserts that slip easily into the holes...great item, just ordered a second pair!

This product has a d grade on fakespot indicating high deception in the reviews. can anyone speak to that?

I just received this product in the mail. This is a very good product! I have used it and these scissors work well. about the fake spot that could be human error? I would give this product five stars!!!

Does it come with a case? if so, made of which material?

No, does not come with case.

Can these be used by a left handed person?


What are the finger grips made of? I cannot use latex/rubber.

Hi there, it's a very soft jelly like rubber...very possible latex...they'll come out like this...I got mine out..this might be a good question for the seller.

Can you trim facial hair with these?

I wouldn't recommend it. I bought them for short hair around the ears etc and the ends of them seem to work poorly.. better for long hair.

are the tips sharp enough to make small cuts with them (medical supplies)?

New. These are not designed to cut anything other than hair, they have different blades than other types of scissors. I don't expect you to be able to make small cuts with ease.

Can I adjust the thumb part ?

No, the thumb part is stuck. The rubber covers for the thumb and finger holes fall out quite easily and using the scissors without them is a bit painful. Only the rubber thumb guard regularly falls out on my pair. But who knows with other couples.

Do these shears come to a fine point ?

The pair I bought did not come to a good point, which was a disappointment. The ends look like they've been machined and are blunt and jagged. The scissors are sharp and cut well but wouldn't buy them again.