Premium Bentonite Clay Mask – Clinically Proven Naturepep Pea Collagen Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Price:  $27.99 (as of 25/11/2021 06:30 AM Details )

  • CLAY FACIAL MASK – Packed with bentonite clay, kaolin clay, retinol, vitamins B, C, E, and natural alpha hydroxy acids, this clay mask adds proprietary complexes clinically shown to provide the most powerful detoxifying benefits among non-RX grade cosmetic skin care products.*
  • DETOXIFY & BRIGHTEN – Gentle on even sensitive and acne-prone skin, this bentonite clay mask gently exfoliates and minimizes pores, reducing inflammation allowing skin to heal quickly.* Helps lighten dark spots and acne scars.*
  • SOOTHE & PROTECT – Collagen and Vitamin C helps reduce UV damage and protects against free radicals.* Vitamin B has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties to soothe red, irritated skin and improve hydration and elasticity for even-toned skin.*
  • SMOOTH & HYDRATE – Retinol helps fine lines and wrinkles while Nat urePep Pea disrupts the overproduction of melanin caused by harmful UV rays and free radicals.* Clinically shown to brighten and smooth the skin, returning it to a balanced state.*
  • ALL SKIN TYPES – This exfoliating face mask is great for men and women of all skin types, including sensitive, acne-prone, oily and dry.* Blackhead remover acne treatment facial cleanser.* Non-GMO, paraben and cruelty-free. Made in USA.

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3.82 x 3.78 x 3.11 inches 8.96 Ounces






Pure Biology LLC

Do you cleanse your face before using the mask?

I would recommend using their facial cleanser beforehand. Then apply the mask to clean, dry skin.

Is there a scent?

Yes, it is infused with a mild fragrance.

Does this help with sun damage/dark spots?

The ingredient NaturePep Pea extract helps with the overproduction of melanin caused by UV and free radicals.

Did anyone else find moisture around the container when you recieved worried it has been opened and resealed?

Same, it was also 3/4th full, it's possible it's been opened and resealed before or it could just be condensation from bad packaging. No idea but it's a bit disturbing but knowing so many others have had the exact same problem I don't believe it was opened prior to your order definitely a question for the sellers

Can this mask be used more than twice a week?

I use about 3-4 times a week...usually in my T-zone. I'm not really fat. I love it! There have been no unusual skin problems using it more than once a week.

How many applications in one jar?

I'm guessing I'd say at least 24 applications.

Anybody else feels a burn on their skin && then it goes away? tonight is my 3rd time on this clas mask && im having bad red blotches on my cheeks...

Hi. I do feel a tingling that you should feel, but no red spots. I'd stop if I were you, because you never know what's going to happen to your skin. There are things I cannot tolerate that others can.

Do you just apply it normal or gently rub into the face?

I just use it normally. No rubbing.

Is this sun sensitive and if so, for how many days after use?

I wouldn't use this, or any mask for that matter, a day before I'm out in the sun all day and that's with sunscreen. That's my personal preference for sunburn insurance.

What ingredient causes the stinging feeling when I freshly apply the mask?

Probably the retinol. One of the best anti-wrinkle ingredients. I also use Roc anti-wrinkle treatment daily which you can buy in a drugstore.