Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 1500, Nt1500/49, Precision Groomer With 3 Pieces for Nose, Ears Price: $24.95 (as of 12/11/2021 00:16 AM Details )

  • No pulling guaranteed with the advanced cutting system that protects the blades out of your skin
  • Absolutely washable for simple cleaning and upkeep
  • Eyebrow protector for speedy or even trimming. AA battery included
  • Cutting width nose trimmer is 0.81 inch. 1 eyebrow comb is 0.13 inch. Collection of length settings is 2
  • built to last with 2 year guaranty. Note: consult the PDF underneath for the user manual.

Product Description

No pulling guaranteed with the complicated trimming system that shields the blades out of your skin
Absolutely washer-friendly for simple cleaning and care
Eyebrow protect for speedy or even trims
AA battery included
Built to final with 2 year guaranty.

All all of these Phillips trimmer models basically the same trimmer, but with different accessories?

They are all made to help the best in removing hair from different areas.

is this device waterproof?

The \\ blue \\ tip is yes, but not the entire device.

Where can you purchase replacement heads?

Buy a whole new one. They are cheap.

This purchase is the third one of this style from Norelco that has stopped working after very little use. any ideas on a permanent fix?

Yes, you should rinse it with water every time you use it. Your snot ensures that the elements stick together and that is why it will not work

Does the body have a rubberized texture or is it smooth plastic?

smooth plastic

Do these have rechargeable batteries?

No. Standard AA unless you put rechargeable batteries in it.

The 1000 series has a blue blade tip while the 3000 series tip is orange. Is there a difference besides color? Performance?

Look at for the difference between the models.

Is this trimmer supposed to be noisy? (The one I received is quite noisy.)

Nothing like what an electric shaver makes.

what is a cr2 battery?

The CR2 is a lithium ion based battery.

Which is the NEWEST model? There are like 20 model numbers for the nose trimmers. Which is the NEWEST?

The NT5175 is the newest nose burner that Philips has to offer.

Does this really take a CR2 battery as said in the product details?

This product needs one AA battery, hope this helps.

Pruduct say 2 year warranty. I purchased mine 6 months ago. Now its not working. How to go about the 2 year warranty?

Go here and the warranty information is at the bottom right: Or call their customer service at 800-243-3050

I inserted battery & product not turning on??

You may have inserted the battery upside down or the battery may be dead. Otherwise, the nose trimmer is likely defective.

For the eyebrow trimmer: What is the depth between the blades and the top of the guard? I'm used to 6 mm which seems to give me the best trim.

There are 3 and 5mm (1/8” and 3/16”) combs to trim or tidy up eyebrows.

Is this trimmer supposed to be noisy? (The one I received is quite noisy.)

not too noisy. almost as one would expect - a slight hum.