Philips Norelco Ear & Nose Trimmer With Advanced Protec-tube Technology & 1/8

  • Wireless nose trimmer with perfectly angled for easy reach in ear or nose
  • Advanced Protec-Tube technology with innovative protection system
  • FCompletely water resistant and easy to clean under the tap after every use
  • Ultra Accurate and sharp eyebrow trimming13J

JD Battery and protective case included Price: $49.99 (as of 03/12/2021 02:32 AM Details )

Norelco WASHABLE nose hair trimmer with FREE battery and protective storage case included

Perfectly Angled For Easy Reach
The body trimmer has a perfect angle to reach the hair in the ear, the nose is rounded off and protected by an ultra-thin
earmuff tips to prevent skin irritations

Innovative Guard System
Designed to prevent hair from getting caught between two separately moving blades, without pulling – guaranteed

Philips can rest assured that the cordless nose trimmer will remove all unwanted hair efficiently
Soft-Touch Rubber Grip
GGives you the best grip even when wet for better control when using your trimmer

Fully washable23N S6
The nose trimmer and the combs are water-resistant Durable and easy to clean under the tap after each use

Perfectly angled for easy reach inside ear or nose
Advanced ProtecTube technology with Precise-Tube technology with innovative cut protection system
1TouchSoft GJCJCJCm rubber handle washable and water resistant

BONUS FREE battery and protective storage case included

Package Dimensions

7.9 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches 6.4 Ounces





Does it have a light?

No light!

What is the model number?

It's noted as "Series 5000" and the Model Number is "NT5175/49"

where is trimmer manufactured?

It's detailed as a "Series 5000" and the Model Number is "NT5175/49"

Why wasnt the protective cover included as pictured..??? Sucks..

I asked the exact same concern n never ever got a response. Product functions well though. Won't purchase from them once more nevertheless.

What is the warranty on this product?

I don't recognize but it is bad for nose hair. I've already replaced it with a rotating gadget.

Aa or aaa battery?

AA, and also some rechargeable AA will certainly fit, some will certainly get stuck. However overall great battery life.

do you have to open it to clean it?

It's pretty much self-cleansing. The heads twist off as well as you can run them under water or alcohol to decontaminate them.

is it made in USA?

No, CN; functions well; better than previous Norelco that finally stopped functioning after approx 6 years.