Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100, Bg1026/60, Showerproof Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men Price: $19.95 (as of 22/10/2021 02:20 AM Details )

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  • That comprises a single AA battery for as much as 2 months
  • an Integrated skin protector to give protection to your skin whilst you might be trimming
  • Bi-directional trimmer is seamless it cuts her in two directions,
  • 3 mm comb to comfortably trim longer hair
  • of Rain, and for ease of use and cleaning. A bath strap for simple storage

Product Description

The Philips Norelco body groom 1100 means that you can conveniently and safely trim hair beneath the neck. The integrated skin protector guards your skin at the same time as you trim, at the same time as the bi-directional trimmer permits you to seamlessly cut hair in both instructions. One 3mm comb is included so you’ll frivolously trim longer hairs. The shower twine permits for simple storage. Packaging includes: body groomer, 1 trimming comb, shower twine and aa battery power.

Would this shave close enough for a vasectomy?

Yes, it shaves really well and will make the skin very smooth

Can you shave the jewels and other personal areas?

Yes. The unique skin protection system protects even your most sensitive body parts, so you can keep the hair comfortably up to < >0.5mm (1/64") with no direct contact between the sharp edge of the blades and your skin.

How long deoes it take to trim the armpits and the groin area?

It all depends of course. Don't expect a really quick result. The good thing about this product is the price and knowing you won't get any small cuts. I used to do personal grooming with beard trimmers, now it takes twice as long without cutting.

Will this shave as close/smooth as the 7100? I'd rather have something smaller and not interested in the combs.

I have the < > and I replace it with this one. My < > does not hold a charge for longer than < > minutes and the battery is not replaceable.

Will this work for shaving my pubes genatal and sack area?

the large first pass comb for longer hair is made of a very thin plastic that clings so loosely to the blade that it is knocked off with the least amount of effort and EXPOSES the blades that grab and cut when used on flatter areas, but especially on the sensitive scrotum. Had to use a different trimmer to make the first cut. VERY DANGEROUS

Will this cut you in any way shape or form?

New. It comes with two different protections that prevent cuts. You may feel an occasional tug. But, no cuts. And it will be about as close as a traditional razor without the razor.

On what voltage does this operate? 1.2V, 1.5V?

It comes with a standard AA < >.5vdc battery

How does it do with the male pubic area? My other shavers always cause tearing...painful for me...

This has become my go-to, after trying at least half a dozen different ones; it's by far the safest trimmer I've found - zero 'incidents'.

Are replacement combs available?

Hey! No, a replacement comb is not available separately.

What is the entire length of the trimmer(in cm)?