Parker Safety Razor\’s Large Alum Block With Travel Case (125 G./4.4 Oz.) – a Natural Price: $12.49 (as of 14/11/2021 12:11 PM Details )

  • NATURAL ANTISEPTIC: This alum block is made from natural potash alum that has excellent antiseptic properties. It tightens skin pores and treats shaving nicks to give a great aftershave remedy. It is an essential item for each wet shaver. It also can be utilized to treat minor nicks and cuts just like a styptic pencil.
  • PURE NATURAL POTASH ALUM: This alum bar is free from alcohol, aluminum hydrochloride, parabens and fragrances. It is right for you and better for the environment than most alternative after shave products.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply wet the bar with cold water and rub it against your skin for 15-20 seconds after shaving. You’ll in reality feel the alum block work.
  • LONG-LASTING: This 125g. alum stone will last for years on account of its large size.
  • SAFE STORAGE: This after shave bar comes in a plastic box for simple storage. It is great for trip or storing your bar for on a regular basis use.

My alum block arrived cracked and damaged. Is this how you ship them out??!!!

My alum block arrived in perfect condition.

Where is this product made?

Parker Safety Razor is an India based company. Therefore, it is likely that the product is packaged there. However, that does not mean that the potassium alum itself was obtained there.

When used it doesn't "sting" like previous aluminum bars i have used[after shaving] wondering if it is working?

Stinging or burning from an alum block usually means you've shaved too close, that's one of the good properties of the material as it can give you insight into whether you're shaving too close. I'd say you're probably shaving in a way that's not too irritating to your skin, but I know it might not necessarily feel like it.

Is this a solid crystal or is it made from pressed power?

It is a solid glass.

can you please tell me the approximate dimensions of the block? Thanks.

Dimensions are roughly (mine is a bit worn but close to what it was when it was new): length = 3 "height = 1 3/4" thickness = 3/4 "

Can this be used by females face routine or is it strictly for shaving, and is it pure alum ?

I think it could be used by both women and men. Men can use it as an after-shave treatment or to help stop bleeding after a minor "cut." Gives the face a smooth feeling. I think it's pure alum. It would probably give females the same smooth feeling on the legs when shaving or a smooth feeling on the face.

does it have a scent?

No. The alum block is odorless.

Is this made with potassium

I'm not sure what it's made of. I discarded the paperwork that came with it that would say so. Unfortunately, there is nothing written on the bar that provides that information. It works well as an aftershave and produces smooth skin. It will also slow the bleeding if you rub it over the notch of a razor. I usually use this alum block to slow down the bleeding if I cut my face while shaving, then follow up with a septic stick to stop the bleeding completely. I hope that helps.