Parker 96r – Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor & 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Price: $29.95 (as of 23/11/2021 17:00 PM Details )

  • A Genuine Parker Safety Razor Product — For more than 40 years, Parker safety razors have been imitated, but never duplicated! Double edge safety razors included

Where is this razor made?

I care. The razor is made in India

How does this differ from the 90R? (In other words, what do the numbers and letters indicate?) thanks.

i'm not sure but i think the 90r is 3" and the 96r is 4"

The closing mechanism no longer stays tightened, causing the razor to not sit properly. I have only had it for less than six months. What can I do?

I don't see any information about a limited warranty for this product. However, that's a short amount of time to have a quality product, only to make it ineffective. I assume this defect is unique and the seller is willing to work with you to resolve your issue. My advice would be to contact the actual seller and let them know about your situation.

Why does my Parker 96r nub screw open spontaneously just when I start using the razor? Is this normal or it misfunctions

Emilio says: Maybe it's normal for mine to perform the same way too. Don't let it discourage you, it's a good razor!!

where can I buy replacement blades? This is for a gift but I don't want the recipient to have to keep buying blades online.

In regards to buying the blades online, you can get one or two (100) blades online for less than $20, so it's not like they'll have to do this very often. I generally just get 100 sheets with the gift and that makes them last a long time. Wilkinson is my current favorite.

is this an ajustable razor?

Okay, I'll answer this differently than the rest. I think you CAN think of it as an adjustable razor, due to the nature of the DE design. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong, but I see it differently from the other respondents. You change the angle of the edges of the blades to the razor based on how tight you tighten it. Although I didn't specifically search for this in the 15? 18? years I've had the 96R (it's been here so long now I just can't remember), I can feel the angle changing as I described. I've caught myself over the years tightening the razor differently based on how the blade has turned out. Don't get me wrong: the blade is always tightened tight and I never twist to the point of breaking something, but there is a "range" if you will, of tightness between these two extremes from "just firm" to "Too tense" . I'm a cheap one, and reuse that knife for a month. As it gets older, I tighten the handle more. My behavior was, I think, an adaptation to the nature of the DE design. I have a soft beard, so each man's mileage may vary, but this technique, or approach, or whatever, has made me smooth and not reckless, or nicked, for a while now. So, yes, I believe ALL DE razors are "adjustable"

my first time i use a straight blade, will this rust?

both my 24 year old son and my husband use this razor. They both really like it and they shave, rinse and then let the razor air dry. You can always take the knife out. But you don't have to... They've had the razors for over 6 months now and they look brand new.

Are these made in the USA or which country?

I believe Parker is an Indian company

How do you open it?

Simply hold on the handle just below the blade head and turn the handle down onto the lower part of the handle to open it to replace the blade.

Newbie. What does the 96R mean?

96R is the model number and speaking of shaving accessories, I would recommend the Crema shaving lotion. It's great stuff!