Panasonic Men’s Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer, Wet Dry Hypoallergenic Dual Edge Blade – Er-gn30-h Price: $14.99 (as of 12/11/2021 00:14 AM Details )

  • Stainless-steel blades – Sharp dual edge blades trims nose, ear and unwanted facial hair comfortably. Plus it main points beards and eyebrows.
  • Hypoallergenic – Clean precision curved hypoallergenic chrome steel blades match the contour of your nostrils to trim the hair safely and precisely, with out irritating skin or pulling hairs.
  • Wet or dry convenience – Fully water-resistant personal groomer is made for nose and ear trimming convenience, safely use dry anytime or within the shower.
  • Vortex cleaning – a vortex cleaning system draws in tap water from both sides and spins it throughout the cutter head for simple cleaning in seconds.
  • Cordless travelworthy – battery operated by 1 AA size battery (now not included); a protective nose clipper cap and cleaning brush are included

Product Description


Featuring a dual-edge blade design, the Panasonic er-gn30 nose hair trimmer and ear hair trimmer comfortably trims nose and ear hair, main points eyebrows, beards and mustaches and works as a body and facial hair trimmer. This innovative nose clipper uses hypoallergenic curved blades to trim nose hair from the highest and sides without irritating skin or pulling hairs for smooth, comfortable trimming. The convenient wet/dry nose hair trimmer means that you can easily and comfortably trim within the shower or Dry anytime, anywhere. For simple cleaning, The trimmer features a Vortex cleaning system to attract in faucet water from all sides and spin it during the nose hair clipper. This Panasonic nose trimmer is powered by one AA-size battery (now not included) and features a protective nose clipper cap.

Alright, I'm going to be frank here. Can you trim your bootyhole hair with this?

Maybe ... but I wouldn't recommend trimming the hair from the butt holes and THEN the hair from the nose. Definitely nose hair first.

I see this trims nose hair, but is it gentle & sharp enough for women's facial hair!

Yes, it is, but keep in mind that it is a trimmer, not a razor, so it is not very close.

How does it work, do you just push it up your nose and move it around (i can see up there)

I'm probably older than you, but as I've gotten older those pesky hairs get longer and grow faster, so if I don't check them weekly, other people they can notice it. I imagine a person of any age will find them if they do what you said! The hairs hide just inside the edges of the nostrils and also higher up. Then they stand out in public. You can clearly hear the click when you pinch a hair, so you KNOW when it's working. Good luck!

Does this fit to get hairs inside the ear? (not too far, but a bit...)

Yes. I wear it in my ears all the time. There is no danger of penetrating too far and it is not excessively noisy. I also use it around my entire ear to catch those weird loose hairs that grow around the edges and in the creases.

Can i buy replacement blades?

Yes, you can buy replacement blades, but I have I have only been able to find it available directly through Panasonic

can i use it on my scrotum without it pinching and cutting

I don't trim there, but it's safe to wear pretty much anywhere your hair is longer than you want. It does not SHAVE, it is trimmed, so that the blade does not rise next to the skin. On wrinkled skin, I would suggest stretching the skin a bit in case a skin fold gets into the blade guard. I only use it on scruffy nostrils, ears, and eyebrows - diseases that mostly affect the elderly, but those areas are slippery enough not to damage the skin.

Why such disparity in options? 1ct-LP$19.99,WT4.8oz for $12.48 & 2ct-LP$100,WT2lbs for $69.95

Hi, thanks for posting. The reason you see such a difference in prices is because these items are available from a number of different vendors. Sellers can set up their items at whatever price they deem fair, as they can have their own pricing structure. Have a great day!


Nothing complicated! You hit the power switch, stick the tip in your nose and move! The blades are inside the tip, so the skin cannot be cut. The hairs are absorbed. Very easy to use!

Do yo need to replace the rotatory blade? If so how often?

This replacement part WERGN30K1058 costs more than a new trimmer, so unfortunately it is designed to be a disposable unit. Also, you cannot buy replacement blades on the Panasonic website for some reason. If they sold it at a reasonable price with a low shipping cost, it would make sense.

Does it ship with batteries?

No batteries are included, but only use 1 AA battery, not a big expense. I just bought a set of 40 AA batteries at Costco for $ 15.00, but you can buy any AA battery at any local store.