Panasonic Er1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper Price: $179.90 (as of 23/11/2021 10:41 AM Details )

  • Precision cutting with 45 edge: The high precision blades are sharpened with a 45, with the new X Taper blade shape that allows a larger cutting surface and delivers unparalleled cutting speed. This superior clipper catches hair and cuts it without letting go.
  • Twin Voltage Clipper; The world's best blade speed and super powerful operation at 10, 000rpm
  • Cutting Length Scope without using the attachments: 0.8mm to 2.0mm, Cutting Length Scope when using the attachments: 3.0mm to 15.0mm
  • 50 full minutes of continuous operational use after only 60 minutes in the charger
  • This top of the range professional ER1611k model is made in Japan

Product Description

the specialized shape of the blade holds the hair and cuts it without letting go.

Usually the barber will move to a different trimmer to trim and detail the back hairline, around the ears etc. Does this trimmer do that part too?

The trimmer will do hairlines and around the ears, just don't use a protector.

Where can I get a us charger?

it came with adapter

Will this take the Hair on my head to the lowest possible stubble?

This unit starts at 8mm (unlike other units that start at 0), but you really need the guide or you cut yourself. With guide it is almost 1/2 inch long so not suitable for close cutting

how is it?Does it work well?

It works very well and gives a good cut. This company has always made a long-lasting and effective machine. The most important question is always how much/long the shaver needs to be charged before the battery can no longer be charged effectively. Don't know yet.

How many guides and are the sizes of each?

There are 3 conductors that work on both sides.- 3-4mn- 6-9mn- 12-15mn

What model we talking about ?


If I leave the clipper on the charging dock, but the dock is disconnected from the outlet so it's not charging, am I discharging the battery?

Hello You discharge the battery when you use / turn on the clippers. Thank you!

The power cord isn't US standard. it's the European type. did i get the wrong one?

Eropese type + us plug

Where can I purchase replacement attachments? After using it a few years most of the teeth on the comb attachments broke.


Is the er1611 made in japan? does it use a lithium-ion battery? is it included?

ER1611 uses Ni-MH battery. The ER80 marks the switch to Li-ion.