Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer for Men, Cordless Waterproof Design, V-shaped Trimmer Head With 3 Comb Price: $62.56 (as of 09/11/2021 15:50 PM Details )

  • Gentle Wide Edge blades: Panasonic body hair trimmer for men uses wide edge, hypoallergenic trimmer blades specially designed with rounded edges for comfort and minimal irritation when caring for armpits, chest, back, legs, groin and more
  • V- shaped head: preformed V shape body groomer head provides neat areas which can be difficult to trim such as the groin and glutes; slim, protected maintain provides easy trimming regulate
  • Additional trimmer attachments: Three specially designed trimmer attachments adjust trim lengths for precise care of different body parts
  • Wet / dry Convenience: fully water resistant men's personal groomer is made for trimming of body hair convenience, dry secure and at all times use within the shower; 100 percent washable for simple cleaning in seconds
  • Wireless regulate: Panasonic trimmer is fully rechargeable; A charger / storage stand and three comb attachments are included

Product Description


The Panasonic Body Groomer for Men makes personal grooming in the most sensitive areas gentle and easy. The body hair trimmers wide-edge, hypoallergenic stainless-steel blade gets rid of hair painlessly with minimal irritation, even on sensitive skin. The unique blade uses rounded edges to manscape gently in the most delicate areas of the body. And, the ultra-thin blade allows you to trim as close as 0.1-millimeter, for a clean, smooth feel. A unique V-shaped head maneuvers quickly into and around hard-to-reach areas like the buttocks and groin, and the I-Shaped take care of makes it easy to keep an eye on trimming in quite a lot of directions. The Panasonic electric trimmer for men includes three comb attachments to trim in lengths from 0.08-inch to 1/4-inch. With a cordless, waterproof design you’ll groom in the shower, without or with your favorite foam, or dry anytime. Neatly store and charge the ER-GK60-S on the AC wall charger without messy cords. One 8-hour charge provides up to 40-minutes of grooming power. A soft go back and forth case is included to easily pack for vacations. To care for peak performance, rinse under water after each use and replace blade when dulled, about once each three years, with Panasonic trimmer replacement model WER9500P.

Has any men on here used it on there man goods?? Does it work and painless?

Unless men and women are good. I doubt it. No pain. Egg.

is it safe to use around the family jewels?

Yes, with the silver hat on.

Is this also good for my male wobbly bits?

Works great when I use it.

how close to skin will this cut? does it leave stubble?

This trimmer comes with 3 different depth adapters for the shaver. The silver color shown that covers the shaving head, and 2 others. The silver gives you the closest trim but still leaves some hair length behind (stubble). The only way to prevent this (but the manufacturer strongly warns against the leaflet insert) is to remove the silver protective depth cover to expose the blade surface. Anyway, I think this is an excellent trimmer.

Anyone use it on the backside private area?

It is great on legs and arms. You have to go much slower in private spaces, but it's good

Er-gk60-s vs philips norelco bodygroom 7000: which is safer and and shaves closer to the skin of: anus, balls, shaft, as well as the rest of the body?

This is not a consumer report, brother.

Is this dual voltage? Can I plug in to a 220 socket?

No, that's not it. you would need an adapter to reduce the voltage

In the manual, it says that a full charge takes 20 hours. Does it really take take that long to charge when the battery is low? That seems ridiculous.

no, it charges in about 3 hours, it has almost arrived and I used it from the package, it works well for body hair, wet or dry

Can replacement blades be purchased when this one becomes dull or will I need to buy a new trimmer?

Yes, but they are $ 30 EVERY + 7.50 shipping and you must go through the Panasonic website. Panasonic will also not replace your blades if you drop it shaved and break one of the teeth - I had that bad experience with it, although my trimmer was only 4 months old. They do not consider that "normal wear and tear".

Are the batteries replaceable?

It is a factory installed rechargeable. I think you should send it to Panasonic for maintenance, or simply retire and purchase a new one.

Im guessing this is too bug to be used as a nose hair trimmer? Tgats what im looking for with a flat edge like this.

yes too big

Is there any chance of you releasing an AC adaptor that gives some kind of indication of when the trimmer is finished charging, in the future?

Thank you for your question. We will consider your opinion.

This trimmer or the manscape (lawnmower)?

Full body trimmer

What is the replacement charger model # for this Panasonic er gk 60 trimmer and where can it be bought??? Thanks.

The model number of the AC Adapter is (RE9-88).