Ontaki Premium Hand Forged Mustache Scissors Barber Salon Japanese Scissors Steel Beard Mustache Hair Shears

Amazon.com Price: $21.99 (as of 25/11/2021 22:40 PM Details )

  • BARBER SALON FRIENDLY Multi-Purpose Cuts all hair, beard, mustache and body hair
  • SHARP & PRECISE …don't believe us, check our reviews.
  • TSA FRIENDLY … for Travelers.
  • . Japanese steel and forged by hand.

Where are these made?

We have recently started production of our hand forged scissors from Pakistan. We used to buy from Taiwan.

Any lefty’s own a pair of these?

Yes, I'm a lefty and these scissors fit perfectly. They are super sharp and hold an edge. Great for the $!

are they offered with offset handles?

No, they do not come with handles. The rubber ring is the only thing that comes with it. These scissors are a single unit and the adjustable turnbuckle is for adjusting tensions and not replacing handles. Thank you

What is the length of the blade from the pivot point (screw)?

Two and a quarter inches

Hello, does it come it come with a leather case or is it synthetic?

It is a PU leather bag (synthetic). Thank you.

Does this product have a warranty?

It is covered by Amazon AZ warranty and you are always welcome for a customer support whenever you need us :) Please search for Ontaki on fb we have our support via fb page.

My understanding is that J2/420 steel is considered low end for shears and dulls/blunts because it's soft. Any long-term feedback out there?

I have quite thick whiskers and have been using these for over a year without sharpening them. They still cut like the day I opened them. I can imagine that if you tried to use them as tin snips to cut steel they could become blunt, but given their intended use and given my experience I'm sure the average user will never have to sharpen them in their lifetime . Professional hairdressers maybe.

How long are the blades, from pivot to point?

2" when closed to 2.75" when fully open

How does it work until now? what about the blade, does it cut well still?

I am more than satisfied with these scissors. I only use them to cut hair and I don't understand how I could live without them all these years. The blades don't feel sharp, but they do their job excellent. I would highly recommend these scissors.

What type of oil is recommended for rust prevention?

So far I've just wiped mine with a tissue after use, but I'll end up using a light machine oil, NOT WD-40. I have a few that came with my electric clippers. Sewing machine oil would also be a good choice. I use my scissors about once a week and had them for about 6 months, no rust issues yet.