Onedor Sandalwood Fine Tooth Folding Brush Comb for Men Hair, Beard, and Mustache Styling, Pocket Price: $11.99 (as of 15/11/2021 00:31 AM Details )

  • The absolute best natural green sandalwood. Smooth finish with small dimensions. Measures 4 x 1.25 x 0.5 inches.
  • Sandalwood promotes healthy scalp oil and hair growth in women and men, non-static in comparison to plastic.
  • Groom kit on wallet format, easiest for small gifts. Home made care accessory in foldable size for traveling.
  • Such a lot hairdressers recommend Day by day brush care to cut back coarse facial hair and promote healthy growth.
  • Day by day care simple in a small maintain, we advise products such as oils, balms, waxes and pomade.

Where is this sandalwood sourced? Some sandalwood is endangered and it would be nice to know.

It is illegal to cut down the Mysore Sandalwood trees, which grew in Mysore, South India. It has been illegal for years, as widespread logging, for its essential oils, placed them on the endangered species list. Most of the sandalwood now comes from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, and other Pacific islands.

Are these good for long fine easily tangled hair?

Yes. That's the kind of hair i have

What kind of wax was used to seal this wood?

No clue. However, it is a very fragrant sandalwood comb that I absolutely love.

The comb came with some fibers between the teeth, what are these and how do I remove them?

Fibers Mine had no fibers. In fact, I love mine. I am an elderly woman, ill and on many medications. My hair is falling out. This comb has kept some of my hair since I received it.

can these combs be used with a blow dryer?

Absolutely! Works great with mine. I love them so much that I have already bought more and now think of them as gifts for friends. Wish they had a group discount!

Can this be used on wet hair?

Yes, I usually use it when my hair is still damp. it really works for static. But avoid washing it, by mistake I did it, and the color changed a bit but it still works :)

Hi : Can you use styling Gel with these Combs ?

Yes I can, but not usually, I just like it because it is a good size, I can take it anywhere, it is made of good quality wood and it is used well for health.

Does this truly reduce static?

Bought this and gave it to House Dragon (wife), as usual she rode hell until she wore it SHE LOVES IT! Yes, it reduces static, it glides through hair easily without taking it out of your head. I recommend the small folding comb for the mustache and beard.

Why does it say it’s made of wood and plastic?

My comb is 100% sandalwood.

Can You use these to comb hair color through evenly? Will The chemicals ruin it?

I'm sure the chemicals will break the comb significantly.