Omega Potassium Alum Stick After Shave Shaving Facial Toner Treatment of Razor Cuts & Nicks Price: $6.99 (as of 14/11/2021 12:12 PM Details )

  • Alum is a herbal antiseptic, controlling microbial task and combating infection
  • Use after a shave to near your pores and forestall the ones nicks and weepers
  • Keeps pores and skin healthy and taking a look handsome after shaving
  • Made from herbal potassium alum, the stick is a superb with a protecting cover
  • Made in Italy

Product Description

A very to hand tool for any shaver, the Omega Alum Stick has many uses to keep skin healthy and having a look handsome after shaving. Constructed from natural potassium alum, the stick is a great with a protective cover, the perimeters of the alum rounded for at ease application. In an instant after shaving, run the stick over the shaven skin, immediately stopping the bleeding of any small nicks or cuts and toning the surface with its astringent characteristics. Odors can be controlled with an application of alum, suggesting use as a skin deodorant.

Can woman use this?

My wife uses it often

do i need to let her dry before close the cap ?

Not really. The stick absorbs little water and the water will not damage the product. Make sure to apply water to shaved skin before use, otherwise it could burn! But the sealing plug with water is not an Omega problem.

Solid or pressed?


This is for two sticks? Two boxes are in the pictures

It is for a stick. The box you see is where the stick comes from.

What is the actual size (measurements) of the alum by itself?

it is a small thing BUT it works very well

Is this only for man

For men and women.

What are the ingredients?

Potassium Aluminum Sulfate 100%

how do you use this product.

We use it as an aftershave and in place of a styptic pencil. Stops bleeding, tightens pores, balances pH, and protects your skin after it has been worn away. The best product of this type that we have used and it lasts so long that the price is ridiculous. The stick as an applicator is far superior to the blocks we used to use. Go for it!