Oliver Rocket Pine Tar Soap – Men’s Face and Body Soap With Pine Tar Extract

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  • Handmade quality soap designed for successful men; soap 100% homemade, made in the USA
  • Luxury black soap made to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and incredible; the perfect gift for a birthday or Father's Day
  • The exfoliating and detoxifying soap is blended with charcoal and suitable for sensitive skin
  • A multi-purpose bar, functions as a hand, beard and body soap
  • Comes in a set of three 6 oz bars; made with saponified coconut and vegetable oils, olive oil, shea butter, activated charcoal, sea salt, pine tar extract, oatmeal, and fragrance

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3.5 x 1.5 x 1.75 inches 1 Pounds




Oliver Rocket

Needs to be 20% pine tar. Need to know and should be on label before purchase. Question.

No ingredient percentage stated. I would say much lower than 20% pine tar just by the smell.

can this soap be used if you already have normal healthy skin?

Yes, I have normal healthy skin and it works great. It's also great for your hair.

Is this packaged in a gift box?

These are not packaged in a gift box.

With the exfoliant in the soap, is it okay to use with a septic system?

Yes. No problems I've seen or heard of.

How much does each bar weigh?

I don't have a scale handy, but it is the size of a standard bar of soap and weighs no more than another standard bar of soap.

Oliver Rocket: Ingredients list has "fragrance." What kind of fragrance, and is it natural or artificial/synthetic?

Our Pine Tar Soap is 100% made in the USA with natural ingredients. --From the description. Smells natural to me.

has there been a change in the ingredients recently? The scent seems completely off and not what it was like the last time I ordered

I've ordered twice in the last few months and the first batch was definitely better (more pine scent) than the second (more orange scent).

If you use it every day how long will this bar last approximately?

I have two weeks to do it. It's a big bar of soap!

Is this soap creosote free?


Does this soap contain xenoestrogens?

It does not.